Spark Era Gets Daily Missions, Improved Flight Controls, and More in its Latest Update

Spark Era, the hugely ambitious interstellar battle royale shooter from developer Fireworks Games, has just acquired a raft of new features and tweaks in its latest update. 

Version 3.7 refines the controls, adds missions, speeds up the battles, and more. But before we dig down into those improvements, let’s remind ourselves why Spark Era is one of the most exciting mobile games in years. 

In a nutshell, Spark Era is a cosmic multiplayer shooter that sees you picking a faction (Earth Confederation, Empire of Armada, Asman Zerg, or The Titans) and taking on thousands of other players across a range of intricately detailed battlefields.

You can play Spark Era just for fun, but the game also boasts a huge eSports infrastructure, including tournaments and massive PvP events in which you can compete solo or as part of a team. 

This frantic global multiplayer activity is underpinned by Amazon Web Services (AWS) support, the hosting technology used by Fortnite, Destiny 2, Clash Royale, and For Honor, and pretty much all the biggest online games. 

Players can now also interact with Obba ‘The Faction leader of Asman Zerg’ on the main chat and ask him more about the game as well as many other random questions. Obba is a really well designed ai made by Firework Games and is a lot of fun to play around with.

Basically, Spark Era is a fantastic multiplayer battle royale shooter, built on cutting edge tech, with neat extra features like Ready Player Me integration. 

And that’s not even the best part. 

Spark Era’s flagship innovation is its cutting edge AI battle companion. This J.A.R.V.I.S.-like entity joins you in the cockpit, observing your actions, reading your emotions, and dispensing advice based on sophisticated machine learning algorithms. 

It’s a killer feature, and over the last few months it’s been joined by several other tweaks and additions. 

For instance, Firework Games recently added a new Double Damage skill, notifications, and a clever Effect Defensive Mode, aimed at allowing you to stay in the battle for as long as humanly possible. 

While we’re talking updates, let’s take a look at the latest new infusion of tweaks and improvements. 

First up, Firework Games has enhanced the spaceship controls, making it easier to maneuver during those tense zero-gravity dogfights. There’s a new Barrel Roll move, too, enabling you to evade enemy fire by spinning like an arrow in flight. 

Next, Spark Era has raised its chat game with real-time voice communication. That means exactly what you think it means – you can now speak with your fellow team members while hurtling through space. 

You know who else could do that? Han Solo. Welcome to the big leagues. 

Firework Games has also added daily missions to Spark Era, giving you an opportunity to fill your boots every time you check-in. These missions see you completing a series of objectives every day to earn a variety of rewards. 

There’s a new notification system, too, ensuring that you’ll never miss out on an in-game event again. 

Finally, battle times have been shortened to keep the tension high and the excitement boiling over at all times. 

Of course, this won’t be the last set of new Spark Era features you’ll read about. The game is still in beta, and its developers are working continually to make it as refined and feature-packed as possible ahead of its full launch. 

Plus, Spark Era has the advantage of running on the AWS platform. AWS comes with a number of benefits, including minimal latency, auto-scaling graphics, and a host of other cutting-edge features. 

Just as Firework Games is actively working to make Spark Era better, Amazon is working to add features and performance improvements to AWS. 

Who knows what cool stuff they’ll think of next?
In the meantime, you can play Spark Era for free right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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