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Super Cat Tales: Magic Bridge! Guide – Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Super Cat Tales was an adorable platformer, inspired by Super Mario and various other pixelated platformers. Now, Neutronized has released a high score chaser involving cute kittens and collecting coins.

The aim of the game is simple, there is a cat stranded at the very top of an old oak tree. It’s up to you to get to the top and save the stranded kitten. There is just one problem, there is a tree full of enemies standing in between you and your goal.

Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Keep it level. If you are constantly going from one extreme to the other, then you won’t get very far. To fit between tight gaps, you are better off keeping the bridge level, and only moving it a small amount.
  • Don’t hold down. If you want your kitten to run to one side, tap one side of the screen. If you hold one side of the screen down, then the bridge will be at a high angle. Making it difficult to dodge any obstacle on the side you have tilted towards.
  • Collect some coins. If you try to collect all the coins, then you are bound to make mistakes and fail the level. Instead, only go for coins which are away from the obstacles. Any coins close to spikes or enemies are there as bait to tempt the greedy.
  • Don’t get hit twice in a row. When you get hit, stars will circle around the top of your head. If you get hit while these stars are visible, then you will fail the level. If you wait until these stars disappear, then you can get hit again without dying.
  • Unlock cats. You will need to collect a lot of coins to unlock cats. So if you get over 50 coins in one run, then you should watch an advert to double them. It’s easy to watch a thirty second advert, it’s hard to collect another fifty coins.

If you are interested in downloading Super Cat Tales: Magic Bride! Then follow this link to the Google Play store.

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