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Super Senso – A guide on how it works

Impressive turn-based strategy game Super Senso has now arrived in Europe and Latin America, and we’ve written up a guide about it to celebrate the occasion…

On the battlefield

The aim in Super Senso is, obviously, to win battles. To do this you need to destroy your opponent’s SENSO-gate, either by attacking it directly or by pummelling it with combo attacks.

There are two resources in battle: SENSO-gel, and Lightning. Senso-gel is the stuff that allows you to deploy heroes, with various hero types costing different amounts of gel to bring onto the battlefield via your portal.

Your reserves of gel are partially replenished after each turn so that you can deploy more units in the next, but you can also obtain more units to deploy during turns by collecting the gel left behind by fallen foes (or friends, for that matter.) If you can maneuver a unit onto a blob of gel, it will be added to your reserves for use in that same turn, allowing you to bring an extra unit onto the battlefield and, in most cases, give your opponent an additional wallop.

Whenever you kill an enemy you earn Combo Power, and the more enemies you kill the bigger your Combo Strike will become. This comes into play once your turn is finished, when your stored up Lightning will bear down on your enemy’s portal in a terrifying column of white hot death–or a pathetic dribble, depending on how many enemies you killed.

Off the battlefield

Between matches you’ve got plenty to keep you busy, such as opening chests, unlocking new heroes, choosing which upgrades to apply, and so on.

Just as there are two currencies on the battlefield, there are two off it as well. They are Bytecoins and Keystones.

You earn Bytecoins in battle, by completing quests, through daily rewards, and by opening chests (which unlock in your chest slots and through supply drops on a timer). You spend them on upgrading your hero cards in conjunction with duplicate hero cards from chests.

Keystones play a slightly less central role in proceedings. You obtain them by opening chests, occasionally through daily rewards, and obtain them by completing achievements and solving puzzles. The Keystones can be spent on unlocking chests faster or buying new chests. Both Keystones and Bytecoins are available to buy as IAPs if you want to speed things up.

The other things to look out for are your Starpower and your Commander Level. These go up automatically as you progress, but it’s worth understanding them as you’ll need to reach certain levels in both to access certain maps and unlock certain cards.

Top 5 Super Senso Tips

The best way to get to grips with Super Senso is to play it, and to complete the extremely handy (and surprisingly difficult) advanced tutorial and puzzle levels.

Nevertheless, here are our top five tips to get you started. Good luck!

  1. Some enemies automatically counter melee attacks. Use your ranged troops to weaken these enemies before finishing them off at close range to avoid retaliation.
  2. Get your mortar out early. It can be tempting to overlook it because you can’t get a hit in on the same turn that you introduce it to the battlefield, but it’s an invaluable weapon.
  3. Mortar strikes have an area of effect, so make sure you maximise the harm they inflict by placing them where they can reach multiple enemy units. You can even aim strikes at empty squares to achieve this.
  4. Scan the battlefield for blobs of gel at the start of each round. If you can maneuver your units over the gel blobs without compromising your battle tactics too much, you can collect enough to earn a valuable extra attack or mortar deployment.
  5. You can move through your own units, but your opponent can’t. Use this fact to your advantage.

Super Senso is free to download, so grab it from Google Play or the App Store right now.

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