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T3 Arena Beginner’s Guide – Hints, Tips, and Tricks

The name “T3 Arena” does a pretty good job of explaining what the game is about. 

XD’s latest multiplayer extravaganza is a 3v3 arena shooter, with quick fire rounds that last three minutes. 

T3 Arena either randomly assigns team mates from the pool of available online players, or allows you to team up with friends. Either way, the aim is to defeat your opponents in a number of different modes. 

There are 17 different heroes to collect and level-up, too, giving you plenty to chew on as you work on your plan for global domination. 

Basic Gameplay

T3 Arena is an accessible, arcadey shooter designed with touchscreens in mind. By default, you don’t even have to pull the trigger to shoot at your opponents. As long as you can get an enemy in your sights, the game will do the rest. 

This default option is called the Casual layout. There are other input methods available for players who like to do their shooting manually. 

The Two-finger layout automatically fires at enemies, but also lets you manually fire by tapping a Shoot button on the right of the screen. The Three-finger layout is the same but with an additional Shoot button on the left. 

Finally, there’s Custom. As you’d expect, this option lets you decide exactly where the various on-screen buttons should appear, and what should happen manually or automatically. 

You can switch between these input methods in the Controls section of the options menu. 


There are five different modes in T3 Arena, all of them, giving you five different goals to pursue depending on your mood. 

Death mode is a straight-up knocking out your opponents. It sees two teams of three simply competing to get the most kills. First team to hit 20 wins. 

Control mode sees you controlling areas of the map, while Crystal mode involves either attacking or defending a set of target crystals. Payload mode sees one team defending a payload as it makes its way towards its target, while the other attacks. 

Both of these modes require you to work as a team to methodically pick your opponent apart.

Solo mode, meanwhile, is exactly what it sounds like: a free-for-all in which all six players are out to get each other. First to reach 12 kills wins. 


T3 Arena starts you off with a single hero, which means there are 16 others to collect. There are several different ways to unlock new heroes. 

Firstly, there are gacha Rumble Boxes. These Rumble Boxes come to you through daily rewards, and when you increase your level by gearing up. This involves using up Battle Points, which you obtain by playing battles and finishing quests. 

Rumble Boxes can net you anything from a basic hero all the way up to a hero with max rarity. 

Then there’s the Hall of Fame, which lets you claim new heroes by simply working your way through the game and earning trophies. The better you perform in battle, the more trophies you’ll earn, and the faster you’ll unlock new heroes.

Each hero has a main skill and a special skill, which deals greater damage. These skills do a variety of different things, from buffing allies and stunning enemies to meting out untold amounts of pain.

Weapons vary from hero to hero, too, with some performing support roles and others working much better at the vanguard of an attack. As ever in this type of game, success relies on being able to use the right weapon and skill for the right job, so choose your hero wisely. 

Naturally, you can upgrade your heroes by obtaining power cores from Rumble Boxes. Each hero has its own specific power core, and you’ll also need to spend some coins on the upgrade process. 

It makes sense to focus your upgrade resources on the heroes you find most effective and feel most confident with. 

Eventually you can get around to upgrading every hero, giving you the deepest possible bench, but you’ll make the most progress by concentrating on your favourites initially. 

In the end, you’ll only get to dominate after learning the maps and putting in some practice, but hopefully this basic guide should start you off in the right direction. Try out T3 Arena for yourself by clicking here.

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