The Best Android Games of 2021 – Runescape

Yeah, this one might have been in early access on the Play Store for a while, but 2021 saw the official launch of the mobile version of the classic MMO. And it’s every bit as good as it always has been.

There’s months of content for you to work your way through, and an open and welcoming player base that continues to contribute to the expansion of the game.

It might not be the best looking MMO out there, but it avoids the auto-play pitfalls of most of the other examples of the genre on the Play Store. It’s the perfect mix of accessibility and heft.

The game has cross-play compatibility, so you can jump into the same adventure on your phone or PC, and there’s a freedom to your choices here that let you forge your own destiny.

It might be 20 years old, but Runescape is still one of the best MMOs out there. And this mobile version proves there’s plenty of life in the old dog yet.

Click here to download Runescape from the Play Store. It’s free, but there’s a monthly subscription option that offers more content.

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