The Best New Android Games Released This Week: Grobo, The Addams Family – Mystery Mansion, Disney Princess Majestic Quest and More

Every week a bunch of new games make it onto the Google Play Store. Keeping track of these new games is a job in itself, so we compile a list every week of some worthy mentions.


Grobo is a puzzle game, set in a post-apocalyptic abandoned mega city. It’s up to Grobo to find out what happened here and if there is anyone left to keep him company. The puzzles in Grobo are gravity-based, meaning you have the power to manipulate gravity. If you are after a mind-bending narrative-driven puzzle game, then I think Grobo is for you.

Disney Princess Majestic Quest

It will please any fan of Disney to know that Disney Princess Majestic Quest is out now on Android. Gameplay is like Homescapes, where you solve match-three puzzles to make some cash. Use this cash to improve your rundown castle. A word of warning to parents, the in-app purchases stretch into the downright ridiculous price-wise. You have been warned.

Gangsters 1920

Gangsters 1920 is a noir styled detective game all about finding some bank robbers. You work alongside your partner and have to determine which people you encounter are your friends and which ones are your foes. The map is randomly generated each time, so if roguelikes are your thing, then this could be a good game for you.

Real Driving Sim

Real Driving Sim is a driving simulator that features over 80 vehicles and an open world map for you to explore. The vehicles are customisable and include sedans, supercars, SUVs and more. The map has over 20 cities, include a wide range of terrains and weather systems. There are police to outrun and online multiplayer to play with your friends.

The Addams Family – Mystery Mansion

The Addams Family – Mystery Mansion is a game where you get to design your very own spooky mansion. There are decorations to collect, an original story to enjoy and characters to unlock. Probably the biggest selling point is that the art style is based on the Hanna-Barbera Addams Family from the 70s. Other than that, they stuff gameplay with microtransactions and loot boxes.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love EU – Closed Beta Test

European fans of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love will be pleased to know that they no longer have to play on the global server. You can try out the EU server now and enjoy a far more reliable connection and experience.

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