The Best New Games for Android This Week – Alien: Isolation, Nekograms and More

It’s the weekend. In fact, it’s the penultimate weekend of 2021. Where on earth has the time gone, eh? It feels like only yesterday that it was 2020 and the New Years glasses actually worked. Madness.

The year isn’t going out with a whimper, though, at least not in terms of new games. There are some real gems on the list this week, and all of them are premium too.

You can click on the names of the games below to download them from the Play Store. And if you’ve spotted a new game you think deserves some recognition, let us know all about it in the comments section.

Alien: Isolation

Trapped in a decaying space station, with little more than your wits to save you from a terrifying alien killing machine, Alien: Isolation is probably the first game that really does the Alien license justice. And now you can play it on your phone. Neato.

Blast Waves

An interesting hybird of a tactics and action, Blast Waves sees you trying to survive pitched battles on planets all across the cosmos. It takes a while to get used to how the mechanics actually work, but when things start to click it’s hard to put down.


What’s better than cats? Sleepy cats, obviously. And in this puzzler you’re trying to arrange kitties in the perfect position so they can have a lovely nap. It’s essentially a sliding-block game, but it’s got some smart twists and it’s full of cats.

F-Sim Space Shuttle 2

Sometimes, you just want to have a go at landing a space shuttle. And for moments like those, F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 is basically a no-brainer. It’s a super in-depth experience and its only focus is making you feel like you’re really landing a space shuttle. And it does that really well.

One Hand Clapping

A weird and wonderful game that sees you working your way through gorgeous cartoon worlds. Instead of tapping buttons or swiping screens though, here you’re singing to make the cheery main character move. That opens up all kinds of interesting new ways to play.

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