The Best New Games for Android This Week – Knotwords, Relic Hunters: Rebels and More

You see up there in the headline where it says “and more”? Yeah, that’s kinda pushing it a bit this week. It’s been a slow seven days for new releases on the Play Store, and the selections below kinda reflect that.

Don’t get us wrong, the games we’ve picked this week are still awesome – but there are only three of them. We know, we’re disappointed too. But, three games is better than no games, right?

You can click on the names of the games below to download them from the Play Store. If you’ve spotted any other new games that deserve some attention then please, please, let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the article.

Love is… in small things

A hidden-object game with an art-therapy bent that takes you on an emotional journey all about healing. It’s not like anything else you’ve ever played, but it’s a great way to while away an hour or so in a gorgeous, meditative daze.


This one is a super engaging word puzzler that throws in a bunch of really smart twists to the crosswords formula. It’s kinda like playing all of the games on a newspaper’s puzzle page at the same time. Fill in a grid with letters, make words, have a blast.

Relic Hunters: Rebels

So, the bad news is you’re going to need a Netflix account to play this one. The good news is it’s an awesome top-down looter shooter filled with chaos and guns. There’s a neat tempo to the violence, and you’re going to want to push on to get new parts for your guns to add to the chaos.

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