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The Best Stuff to Do in WoW Dragonflight

Just like the real world, World of Warcraft is changing all the time thanks to an endless succession of updates. 

These bring new content, new mechanics, and new opportunities to enhance your gaming time with WoW boost

Here are some of the best activities to keep you busy in WoW Dragonflight, one of the biggest and funnest updates of recent years. 


The beauty of quests is that they help you learn about the world and perform meaningful in-game actions (not that slaughtering monsters for XP isn’t meaningful). 

By jumping into a questline you’ll learn about the history of Azeroth and the fictional events that led you all the way to Dragon Islands.

Not so fast! Before you enjoy the latest version of World of Warcraft you’ll need to reach level 60 and find some other players to share the journey by sea with you. 


Over the years WoW has developed a complex economy that allows players to buy and sell goods in order to earn gold or access items that they don’t have the time to find for themselves. 

The profession system, dramatically scaled up in the Dragonflight update, lets you get the most out of this type of activity by allowing you specialize in particular skills for extra profit. 

For instance, studying certain crafting professions gives you an endless supply of the resources necessary for crafting items. 

Mastering a collection profession, meanwhile, maximizes the profit you gain from resources you come into contact with most often. This is the way to go if you want to accumulate a stockpile of gold. 


Raids are the cornerstone of WoW’s gameplay. They involve putting a team together and attacking a boss in its lair for combat experience, trophies, and more. 

Completing a raid typically entails paying close attention to the attack patterns of your target and creating squads with the right mix of defensive, healing, and attacking units. 

Raids come in a variety of difficulty levels, each one unlocking after you finish the preceding one. 

They start off pretty straightforward, but you’ll need to marshal all of your gaming skills to overcome the Mythic difficulty raids. The payoff, of course, is legendary gear and equipment that you simply can’t get any other way. 

Flying Dragons

When you download an update called Dragonflight, there’s only ever going to be one item at the top of your agenda: flying a dragon. 

After completing the main stage of the Dragon Islands story campaign, you’ll find yourself doing just that. First you’ll need to tame a likely mount in order to unlock the all-important flight mechanics. 

And then you’re away, exploring Azeroth from the sky on the back of a gigantic, fire-breathing, upgradeable lizard.

Just bear in mind that dragons can be shot down.

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