Think you’re the next De Bruyne? Put it to the test in ManCity Striker

GAMEE has partnered with Manchester City FC on an exciting new venture to bring you an officially licensed mobile game.

That game is ManCity Striker, a challenging high score chaser that lets you put to the test whether or not you’re the next Mahrez.

You have to try and score a series of increasingly-difficult spot kicks, where putting it past the keeper is, quite frankly, the easiest bit.

The most challenging aspect is aiming. You see, each strike requires you to hit a target. Get it bang in the centre, and you get the most points.

It gets even more difficult when moving targets, defenders, and smarter goalkeepers join the fray. You better practice your curled shots.

Each time you score, you progress to the next strike. Miss, and you have to try again. If you miss three times, it’s game over, and you’re sent right back to the start.

Chances are, you’ll want to have another go though. It’s a fun little timewaster that you feel yourself improving at as time passes.

Who is Manchester City Football Club?

We assume that question is a joke. But, for the benefit of those that don’t know, Manchester City Football Club is arguably one of the biggest clubs in the world.

It regularly challenges at the highest level of the premier league, champions league, and more. 

You may also recognise a few of its most famous players, including Mahrez, De Bruyne, and Sterling.

MCFC also has a growing presence in the world of gaming, thanks, in most part, to setting up a dedicated division back in 2016.

As of today, MCFC has claimed the FIFA 21 ePremier title, started its own Fortnite team, and even partnered with the world-famous FaZe Clan.

And now, rounding it all off, MCFC now has its own officially licensed mobile game, ManCity Striker, thanks to GAMEE (a subsidiary of Animoca) and the Arc8 platform.

What’s Arc8?

We’re glad you asked. Arc8 is a gaming platform that rewards you with GMEE, a cryptocurrency, for playing its library of games.

There are ten available right now, of a wide variety of genres. That includes action, puzzle, racing, card, and more.

You may have already heard of the likes of Marble Dash, Pixel Dungeon, and Globo Run, but there’s also ManCity Striker, which we mentioned earlier.

Esports fans will also really enjoy using Arc8, as it allows you to participate in regular tournaments and 1v1s to win GMEE.

You can also complete daily missions to climb the leaderboard, bagging yourself some excellent prize pools.

The best part is, it features zero ads, so you can play without interruption. You’ll appreciate that when participating in a challenging tournament.

And, lastly, you can invite your friends to play, earning rewards when they top-up for the first time.

How do I get it?

Simply head on over to an App Store near you to check out Arc8, and the brand new ManCity Striker game, right now. Just click right here.

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