This Week on Droid Gamers: News, Sales, Pre-Registrations and More

Every week, several Android games either go on sale, go up for pre-registration or have some kind of update to talk about. Each Sunday, we make a list of every news story that came out during the week.

This list does not include the launch of any games because that is Saturday’s job. If you are interested in what new games came out this week, then you should check out yesterday’s guide.

Upcoming Games and Pre-Registrations:

Below is a list of all the games that either went up for pre-registration this week or games that will be released next week.


Grabbing a bargain is part of the fun of mobile gaming. Each week a variety of mobile games across multiple genres go on sale. Now is your last chance to grab a sale from this week as these deals usually expire on Monday.


Below is our final list of news stories that didn’t fit into the categories mentioned above. The stories below confirm the development of a new LEGO game and BitLife’s intention to close the gap to its iOS version.

This article included every news story posted on Droid Gamers this week. If there is content you want to see more of (like reviews or guides) then let me know in the comments below.

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