War and Order Gets a Huge Slate of Events and Rewards for the Festive Season

The festive season is well and truly upon us, and War and Order is getting into the yuletide spirit with a huge slate of Christmas and New Year events. 

These will give you the chance to earn a ton of resources, collect exclusive decorations for your Garden in the Sky, and experience War and Order’s gameplay anew. 

Some effort is definitely required – there are no free lunches, even on Christmas day – but developer Camel Games has made it as straightforward as possible to fill your boots during the holiday season.

Before we tear the wrapping off this year’s War and Order events and start running around with them lofted over our heads in triumph, let’s remind ourselves what the spirit of War and Order is all about. 

Developed by Camel Games, War and Order is a real-time strategy MMO with tower defense and castle-building gameplay. 

Like all the best mobile MMOs, it’s set in a sprawling fantasy universe with heavy medieval vibes. There are castles, tribes, monsters, orcs, mages, elves, and more. 

Your goal is to recruit and train more than 50 different fantasy units, construct and upgrade a ton of different buildings to support your war effort, research new magic and technology, explore unknown lands, and throw yourself into vast real-time PvP battles. 

At the center of War and Order’s war torn world is the Royal City. Take over this stronghold and you’ll obtain untold power and privilege – as long as you can prevent your opponents from taking it off you again. 

War and Order is a brilliant, highly acclaimed mobile MMO, and it’s pulling out all the stops this Christmas. 

First up, there’s Winter Decoration. This seven-day event sees you decorating your in-game tree in order to receive free gifts from Santa. To claim them, all you need to do is log-in and express your decorative flair once a day. 

Next, Christmas Prelude. This new theme gives you quests to complete in order to earn points. Every time your points total reaches a certain threshold, you earn another tranche of rewards. Simple. 

Challenges in the Christmas Prelude event come in daily and seasonal varieties, and every time you complete a quest your points total will go up. Plus, you’ll earn resources, speed-up items, an exclusive Winter Castle skin, an Avatar frame, and a Mail Bubble frame.  

War and Order has some hugely popular existing events as well. There’s the Pet Carnival+ New Decoration event for example, and you can participate in this one either alone or with your allies. 

The Pet Carnival+ event will last for five days and consist of three phases: Preparation, Challenge, and Result. Here’s how it’s going to work. 

In the first instance, you’ll get a single pet with basic aptitude. After that you’re free to catch pets with higher aptitudes on the world map. Once the challenge officially starts, your score will be recorded and compared with the scores of all the other Lords. After that, rewards will be handed out for individual ranking and team ranking. 

The Lord with the highest score on a given team will earn the title Team MVP, as well as a host of extra rewards. Teaming up with others is the best way to maximize your score. 

The War and Order holiday event also includes a whole new garden decoration, called Castle in the Sky. To nab this one, all you need to do is participate in the Pet Carnival, which means feeding and training your pet. 

The Castle in the Sky isn’t just decorative. It can also provide the Stand Fast effect during the first ten seconds of a battle, which increases the HP of one of your Troops at random, as well as reducing the damage they take. 

Finally, there’s Journey of Miracles. This limited event plays out a bit like Monopoly, except you can play it alone for huge rewards. 

Journey of Miracles involves completing daily quests to claim the Dice and other rewards. The Dice allows you to control Wrath marching on the map, with the number you roll determining the distance you’ll march. 

Every time you use the Dice you’ll get Souvenir Badges and Points Rewards, and when you pass the final square you’ll get an additional bonus reward for completing a full lap of the board. 

Better still, you can do it more than once, and rewards grow in value with each completed lap. 

If you’re already a committed War and Order player, you can look at this huge holiday event as a bonus for all your hard work on the battlefield. 

And if you still haven’t picked the game up yet, this would be the perfect time to start. 

War and Order is available for free right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store – just click here. You can nab special extras to help you with the game by redeeming code droidgamers2212 too – but hurry, as there are only 300 up for grabs and this code expires on the 20th of January 2023.

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