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Why You Should Be Pre-registering For Omniheroes

Google Play global featured Omniheroes is running a pre-registration campaign ahead of its release in August. 

This may be your first time reading about Omniheroes, so we’re here to tell you why you absolutely need to hit that ‘pre-register’ button.

Before we get into all that, though, let’s take a closer look at the game itself. 

Like any self-respecting mobile RPG, Omniheroes takes place in a fantasy world in a constant state of war.

First, there was the five-way conflict between the world’s most powerful factions: the Eclipse, the Woodland, the Demons, the Divine, and the Empire. 

Then there was the war kicked off by the sudden and terrible arrival of a horror beyond imagination, which more or less sent the five factions scurrying. 

Fortunately, the world’s Creator, Eve, was on hand to face down the unimaginable horror, but she lost consciousness in the process – and this is where you come in.  

Playing as the Omniguardian, your task is to marshall an army by finding Valkyries—the cross-factional club of warriors who have inherited Eve’s powers. 

There are more than 100+ heroes to collect (seven of which are Valkyries), each with their own unique personality and combat traits. 

In terms of gameplay, Omniheroes is a slick, highly accessible RPG that sees you assembling teams of Valkyries and deploying them on the battlefield in single-player, PvE, and PvP modes. 

The combat is turn-based, and pretty much entirely automatic. Whether you’re battling through the Mission stages, cutting a swathe through the Wilderness, or taking on other players in the PvP arena, you’re free to watch the action play out. 

Upgrading is similarly straightforward, thanks to one-tap upgrades and other time-saving perks. 

Plus, you’ll be able to accumulate XP in no time thanks to the game’s idle features. There’s plenty of character customization and tactical depth on offer, but idle is the name of the game.

Here’s why we think you should pre-register for Omniheroes right now.


A glance at the screenshots will tell you that Omniheroes looks stunning, with a distinctive, noirish, slightly art nouveau-infused aesthetic and classic 2D graphics. But you have to see it in motion to really appreciate its charms.  

And the high level of polish doesn’t just extend to the artwork. The writing is also fantastic, drawing you irresistibly into the game’s world and lore. 


The Valkyries are the stars of the show in Omniheroes, and developer OmniDream Games has done a marvellous job in creating dozens of distinctive characters with their own personalities, appearances, and backstories. 

To give you a sense of the variety on display, Elune is a Valor Valkyrie belonging to the Woodland faction. Her personal story is tragic, involving years of imprisonment and torture, giving her a quietly steely resolve, 

Arkdina, meanwhile, is a Vengeance Valkyrie from the Demon faction. She’s also a bloodthirsty fanatic who loves nothing more than heading out with an army of Demons at her back to fill the world with chaos.

Innovative Gameplay

We’ve already covered the accessible-yet-deep gameplay, but Omniheroes also comes with a few features we’ve haven’t often come across in the mobile RPG world. 

Firstly, there’s the Synergy system, which imbues the game’s characters 17 different Faction, Valkyrie, and Rune Synergies, allowing you to create more than 100 team comps in no time at all. 

Then there’s the Charisma system, which sees you forging emotional bonds with your Valkyries by tending to their wounds after battle, talking to them, and generally being a stand up Omniguardian. 

There are some inventive modes, too, including a roguelike labyrinth, a blackjack mode set in Gloomwoods, and more. 

Pre-Registration Rewards

Last but not least, you should pre-register for Omniheroes because you’re guaranteed to get some rewards. 

There’s 777 free summons just for signing up, and a series of milestone rewards as Omniheroes hits its pre-registration goals. 

Once 50,000 players sign up they’ll all get 500 Diamonds, worth 500. At 100,000 they’ll get rewards worth 1,000, and 200,000 they’ll get rewards worth 2,000, at 500,000 the reward is worth 4,000, and at 1,000,000 pre-registrations the reward, worth 8,000, is a Dorabella Valkyrie and a Limited Avatar Frame.

There are currently over 994,000 pre-registrations, with the 1 million milestone so close – we’d get involved if we were you.

There are real-world prizes on offer, too. 99 players who sign up ahead of the Omniheroes launch will each win an Amazon Gift Card worth $100, and another ten players will win the jackpot: an iPhone 14 Pro 512GB. 

You can put yourself in the running for all that by heading to the Omniheroes website and following the links. Then you can prepare yourself for the game’s official launch on August the 9th!

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