Make sure you’re not making these 15 mistakes in Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

There are many, many strategy-RPGs on mobile, and you’re almost certainly acquainted with at least one of them. So you probably get the gist of Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians already. If not, it won’t take you long to pick it up, as Ubisoft has made the game very accessible.

However, that won’t stop you messing up. Just because you learned the basics straight away, you can still spend inordinate amounts of time and energy on stuff that you shouldn’t be prioritising, undermining your enjoyment of the game.

We’ve been there. And thanks to the countless hours we’ve spent making mistakes and generally being incompetent, we’re in the perfect position to pass on our hard won wisdom. Here are 15 tips to help you get the most out of Elemental Guardians.

Don’t waste your time with 1-star creatures

While it’s technically true that every creature has the potential to become a 5-star character given enough time and dedication, 1-star creatures are categorically not worth the effort and resources.

It’s not just that there are stronger creatures to discover, who are already some way along the road to 5-star perfection. It’s that a nat 1 creature doesn’t have the potential to evolve, and all of the best creatures are those that have undergone the miracle of evolution.

So if you pick up a nat 1, do yourself a favour and break it down for food.

Don’t dismiss 2-star creatures

You could be forgiven for assuming that the moral of the previous entry is that you should dispose of the weak. But that’s not necessarily the case. A nat 2 creature is indeed fairly puny, but, unlike a nat 1, it has the potential to be evolved.

In fact, some of the very best creatures in the game are descended from 2-star ancestors. You can check to see whether your 2-star has the makings of a 5-star hyper-evolved Hercules by consulting our Tier List.

Don’t forget to claim your free Seals and crystals

It’s tempting to spend all your time in Elemental Guardians battling in the various modes to level-up and earn rewards to assist you in the battles to come. But there’s a bit of housekeeping to be done.

Specifically, you should make sure to claim the free resources that become available every day when you log in. Icons above the Dragon Utopia and Crystal Mine islands on the game’s main screen let you know when free Seal and crystals are ready to collect, and the supply replenishes every 6-12 hours.

Don’t forget to log in every day

With the best will in the world, you simply can’t play mobile games every day. But even if you don’t have the time for a full session of Elemental Guardians, you should make the effort to at least log in once a day to advance the reward calendar.

The reason this matters is that the rewards get juicier as you reach the later stages of the calendar. For example, you can pick up Magical Books and Legendary Soulstone Fragments. Both of these are difficult to come by through normal play, so it just makes sense to pursue them through your calendar with minimal effort.

Don’t use the same team for every battle

You’ll naturally develop mains over time — i.e., favoured creatures that have been levelled and ranked up so much that you can’t resist using them all the time, in every game mode. This is fine to a degree, but you should avoid getting too attached.

There are so many different elemental and class combinations that you simply can’t rely on a small number of amped-up creatures. If you come up against a Fire boss, you’ll need a few good Water creatures. And so on for every class and elemental affinity.

Therefore, you’re just going to have to resist the temptation to field your best main every time, so that some other creatures have a chance to level-up.

Don’t attack enemies with red arrows over their heads

In a close fight, every attack counts, so it’s important not to waste them. Fortunately, Elemental Guardians has a simple system for keeping you on the right track.

Above every target’s head is an arrow, indicating how their elemental affinity will interact with yours. If this arrow is green, you have an elemental advantage, and will deal devastating damage. If the arrow is yellow, the elemental effect is neutral.

But if the arrow is red, your attack will do negligible harm. You should only ever attack a red arrow enemy if you have no choice — i.e., there are no other enemies on the screen.

Don’t prioritize rank over level

While getting your creatures to five stars is no doubt important, it’s nowhere near as important as levelling them up. This will become painfully obvious if you ever visit the Arena and take on an opponent at a lower rank but a higher level.

Don’t mix your glyphs

It’s not possible to rank glyphs, because they all have their own uses in particular contexts. However, there’s one crucial piece of advice we can impart: don’t mix them.

Each creature has six glyph slots, and it’s natural for inexperienced players to fill these with different categories of glyphs to give them a wide spectrum of capabilities.

It’s a fine in idea in principle, but terrible in practice because you get a bonus for equipping several glyphs of the same type. For example, six Vitality glyphs will give you a massive, earth-shattering 40% HP bonus. Pass that up at your peril.

Don’t overlook your glyphs

There are so many tweaks and upgrades to apply in Elemental Guardians that glyphs can easily fall through the cracks.

We urge you to stay on top of them, though, because the Elemental Guardians community is united in its view that glyphs are vitally important in realising a creature’s full potential.

It’s also important to remember that different types of glyph provide different set bonuses:

  • Vitality – HP
  • Strength – ATK
  • Frenzy – CRIT percentage
  • Defense – DEF
  • Precision – ACC
  • Destruction – CRIT damage
  • Endurance – RES
  • Life Steal – Buffs Life Steal abilities
  • Appeasement – Buffs Healing abilities
  • Meditation – Reduces ability cooldown times
  • Immunity – Buffs Immunity abilities

Don’t spend your Seals and Soulstones without a strategy

It may seem only natural to visit the Summoning Altar to buy an Epic Soulstone the moment you save up the required 130 Seals. Likewise, nobody can resist opening a Soulstone as soon as it comes into their possession.

You should exercise restraint, however, because certain events require you to open Soulstones or spend Seals, and even crystals, in very specific quantities. If you always splurge, you’ll never be able to meet these event goals, so it pays to be thrifty.

Don’t have energy when you’re about to level up

Whenever you level up, Elemental Guardians refills your energy meter. In light of this magnanimous gesture, you would be a fool to level up without burning through your energy first.

The best way to do this is by using Instant Tickets to automatically execute some battles. Using a ticket costs the same as completing a battle manually, so this is a good way to quickly deplete your stores while earning a few extra rewards.

Don’t use abilities before the final wave of a battle

It’s crucial to master your abilities in Elemental Guardians, and that means knowing when to deploy them. You see, every ability with the exception of a base attack has a cool down period, meaning every time you use one you have to wait before using it again.

The main upshot of this is that you should never use an ability immediately before encountering a tough part of the game, such as the final wave of enemies in a stage. This is where you’ll come up against bosses and more powerful monsters, so you’ll need all the firepower you can muster.

Don’t neglect farming

If you’re panicking right now because you haven’t found the farm in Elemental Guardians, relax: we’re talking about farming in the RPG sense, where you return to previously completed stages for extra rewards.

You can do with by using Instant Tickets, though only at normal difficulty level. If you want to play the advanced and nightmare difficulty levels you’ll need to do it manually, preferably after making sure you’re powerful enough. The advantage of playing at higher difficulties is that you get better rewards.

Don’t prioritize offense over defense

The aim of the game is, of course, to crush your opponents, so it’s only natural to concentrate on your offensive capabilities. Big mistake.

Every Elemental Guardians player worth listening to will tell you that survivability is more important than killing power in almost any scenario. Yes, you need to take people out, but you won’t get far if they take you out first.

Therefore you should choose glyphs that emphasise HP and DEF, even in attacking creatures. It may not seem as exciting, but there’s nothing more exciting than staying alive.

Don’t ignore evolution

If you only take one tip away from this list, make it this one. That’s why we put it last. The best creatures in Elemental Guardians, without exception, are those that have been evolved, so evolution should always be your first priority.

This means having plenty of Magical Books on hand, which you can buy with reputation points earned in the Arena. Also, get yourself to the Dragonmist Islands as often as possible to farm the items you’ll need to evolve your creatures, because they won’t realise their potential until you do.

Download Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians on Google Play (and the App Store!) now to avoid making these mistakes for yourself. And why not check out the other Guides we’ve written on the game here:

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