Aetherium Wars Tier List – March 2024

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The Aetherium Wars just kicked off. For the next month you have the chance to show off your skills in the arena, and take part in Aether Spirit duels for some exciting rewards. Who to pick though? If you’re caught in indecision, stick around! Our Aetherium Wars tier list ranks all Aether Spirits in terms of what they have to offer a prospective contestant.

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Honkai Star Rail Aetherium Wars Tier List

Check our list below and see where we place each Aether Spirit on our ranking.


The most powerful so far…

  • Abundance Sprite
  • Blaze Out of Space
  • Entranced Ingenium
  • Frigid Prowler
  • Obedient Dracolion
  • Warp Trotter
  • Voidranger Trampler

Brilliant alternatives.

  • Aurumaton Gatekeeper
  • Everwinter Shadewalker
  • Illumination Dragonfish
  • Imaginary Weaver
  • Silvermane Lieutenant

Not amazing but are great options during the early fights.

  • Incineration Shadewalker
  • Silvermane Cannoneer
  • Silvermane Gunner
  • Silvermane Soldier
  • Vagrant

Not recommended if you want to take part in harder content.

  • Voidranger Eliminator
  • Voidranger Reaver


Avoid like the plague.

  • Automaton Spider

How do Our Tiers Work?

  • S Tier: These are the peak performance of the spirit world. Grab them as soon as you can.
  • A Tier: Aether Spirits of this tier are excellent choices when you don’t have an S tier.
  • B Tier: Solid and dependable, but nothing exceptional. Good to pad out a team.
  • C Tier: These can be useful if you have literally nothing else.
  • D Tier: Don’t even bother.

How Did We Decide on the Rankings?

Here at DG use a variety of sources when placing characters into specific ranks. We get first-hand experience with the game, but we also know that we might be a bit biased, so we take a look at rankings in the community to get a broad sweep of public opinion.

Keep in mind that our ranks might not suit your playstyle, and even a mediocre creature can shine in the right hands!

When Do We Update Our Jingliu Tier List?

We keep this tier list up to date as new spirits are added to the game as well as any balancing changes that occur after patch updates. 

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