Anime Clash Enchants Guide

The image shows my avatar stood beside the Shanks NPC at the Summons area. I have 4 small units surrounding me, and Shanks has his iconic red hair and an electrifying red aura mist surrounding him.

Anime Clash has returned with a promising re-release and tons of new features! This Anime Clash Enchants Guide tells you where to Enchant, how, and what this nifty feature offers!

Enchanting works more or less as you’d expect. Input one of your units and roll for a unique enchant to modify and improve their power. To enchant, you need to exchange 1 Shard for 1 roll. Currently, Shards can only obtained via Robux. However, I suspect that codes and missions will award Shards in the future.

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Anime Clash Enchants Guide

Each Enchant hosts a unique set of buffs and rarity. Plus, not every Enchant will be fitting for your unit of choice, for example, a farm unit wouldn’t benefit from a power buff. So, this guide serves to help you organise which units better fit which Enchants!

To get started with enchanting, head to the Shanks NPC standing outside the Summoning gate in the game lobby. Or, click on the Warps widget on the right side of the screen and select Summons from there.

Mythical Enchants – 1% Roll Rate

Double Down – Every third attack has a chance to deal +300% DMG, however, the following attack will do 33% DMG.

King – Permanent 125% DMG boost.

Overseer – Offers a permanent +50% DMG boost with a 20% move cooldown.

Vampire – Increases Lifesteal by 20%, when the unit dips below 30% health it automatically receives 20% of its max HP whilst simultaneously increasing Lifesteal by a further 20%. 30-second cooldown.

Legendary Enchants – 9% Roll Rate

Prophet – Permanent +35% DMG buff with a 10% move cooldown.

Sharpshooter – Offers a 35% DMG buff alongside a 20% increased Range.

Warrior – Offers a permanent 45% DMG Buff.

Epic Enchants – 30% Roll Rate

Cheapskate – The cost to place the unit is reduced by 50%

Jack of all Trades – Offers a 10% stat increase in all areas.

Rare Enchants – 60% Roll Rate

Iron Wall – Offers +5% HP

Predator – Increases the DMG dealt to an opponent by 20% when the enemy reaches below 50% HP.

Shadow – enjoys a +15% DMG increase during Nighttime only.

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