Anime Fighting Simulator X Powers Guide

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Ready to sort out your character for Anime Fighting Simulator X but not sure what moves to try out? We’re here to help! Our Anime Fighting Simulator X powers guide goes over all the powers you can get right now, and what each of them do.

Anime Fighting Simulator X is a Roblox game where you get to live out your anime protagonist dreams, but hold your horses! It’s not as easy as getting out there and punching villains into another timezone. You’ll need to train up your stats through running, sit-ups, and meditation if you want to become a genuine threat.

Check out the Roblox page for more info!

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Anime Fighting Simulator X Powers

Here we’ll list each of the powers, and what they do.

  • Body Flicker – Quick strike.
  • Buso – Buff, +11% Max HP, +20% Damage, +1% Crit Chance
  • Cero – A powerful laser blast forward.
  • Chidori – Rush forward and strike with lightning.
  • Conquerer’s Haki – Powerful AoE strike.
  • Devastating Lunge – A dashing strike with a blade.
  • Fallen Down – Very powerful AoE attack.
  • Flying Slash – A jumping strike the fires a projectile in front of you.
  • Fourth Gate – Buff. +10 speed, +3.75% Critical Chance
  • Getsuga Tenshou – Sword slash that strikes in an arc around the user.
  • God’s Wrath – Rain projectiles from the sky.
  • Hamon – Buff. +30% Damage, +5% Damage reduction, +0.75% Crit Chance
  • Heavy Punch – A powerful punch.
  • Hollowfication – Buff. +40% Damage, +30% Damage Reduction
  • Kamehameha – A projectile fired in front of the used.
  • Ki Slash – Multi-hit slashing move.
  • Multi Slash – Rapid multi-hit move.
  • Onigiri – A dash and horizontal slash move.
  • Rapid Punches – Multi-hit move.
  • Rasengan – A dash with large damage on impact.
  • Rasenshuriken – Explosive AoE attack.
  • Revenger – Multi-hit damage move.
  • Rising Slash – Spinning AoE attack.
  • Serious Punch – Very powerful but slow punch.
  • Serious Tableflip – Ground smash in a cone in front of user.
  • Solar Flare – Blinding burst of light in front of user.
  • Spirit Bomb – Large, unstoppable AoE
  • Super Saiyan – Buff. +20% Damage +20% HP, +1% Crit Chance

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