Anime Last Stand Modes – What They Are And The Different Modes

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Unsure about Anime Last Stand Modes? Our guide explains what Anime Last Stand Modes are, and the different modes that are available in the game.

If you want to play for yourself, you can visit the Roblox website. We also have an Anime Last Stand Genos Guide and an Anime Last Stand Speedwagon Unit guide you can check out.

Anime Last Stand Modes

Let’s find out everything there is to know!

What Are Modes?

Modes are different ways you can play the game, and each mode offers different items, bosses, and rewards. Right now, there are three different modes available: Story, Infinite, and Challenges.

Story Mode

In Story Mode, you will fight 15 waves of enemies. At the end of wave 15, you will have a final boss battle. It’s one of the easiest modes available, so it is great if you’re just starting out!

Infinite Mode

Infinite Mode is in the name… it’s a mode where you fight an infinite amount of waves. As the waves go on, the enemies that you face become stronger. This mode is great for practising your battle skills and becoming the very best whilst grinding for more loot.


Challenges are the most difficult fights you will come across, so it’s only for the most experienced players! There are a few challenges that are currently available.

  • Tanky- Enemies can withstand high damage
  • Speedy- Enemies are extra fast
  • Flight- All enemies are flying types
  • Immunity- Enemies are immune to any and all effects
  • Short Range- Units ranges are reduced by 66%
  • High Cost- Prices of placement and upgrades are increased by 33%
  • No Hit- Your Base Set is 1HP, and you can’t heal it or increase it
  • Barebones– Removes your traits
  • Tower Limit– You can only place down five units

In the Challenge mode, you can obtain these rewards:

  • Sukuna Finger
  • Six Eyes

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