Anime Rarities Accessories Guide

Feature image for our Anime Rarities Accessories guide. It shows a played character as Boro with a fox tail, marine hat, and bloody claw.

Want to spruce up your outfit a little? Accessorize? Maybe get a tail? You’re in luck, Anime Rarities accessories are easy to get hold of, and they’re also a great way to raise your in-game stats. There are two kinds though, and each works a little differently. Confused? Then read on with our guide and we’ll try to make everything clear.

Anime Rarities is available on Roblox. We’ve also got an Anime Rarities quests guide to look at, as well.

Anime Rarities Accessories Guide

Let’s get into it.

How To Get Accessories

Accessories are crafted via the Crafting mechanic, or bought in the Accessory shop for gold coins. We’ve split these up in our guide as the way their stats work is quite different.

Crafted Accessories List

  • Lucky Glove
    • Gives a 25% Luck boost when equipped.
  • Super Lucky Glove
    • Gives a 50% Luck boost when equipped.
  • Lucky Glasses
    • Gives a 75% Luck boost when equipped.
  • Slime Wings
    • Gives a +10 Jump boost when equipped.
  • Demon Wings
    • Gives a +25 Jump boost when equipped.
  • Dark Slime Wings
    • Gives a +35 Jump boost while equipped.
  • Blue Glove
    • Gives a +1 Damage boost when equipped.
  • Purple Glove
    • Gives a +2 Damage boost when equipped.
  • Red Glove
    • Gives a +3 Damage boost when equipped.

Craft Shop Accessories List

You can buy the following accessories from the Accessories shop, near the crafting area. The stat boosts are randomized on purchase, so give slightly different bonuses depending on the rarity level.

  • Monkey Tail
    • Boosts Attack
  • Marine Cap
    • Boosts Luck
  • Fox Tail
    • Boosts Luck
    • Boosts Jump
    • Boosts Damage
  • Bloody Glove
    • Boosts Damage

You can roll multiples of these and pick the one with the best stats to equip, most are fairly cheap to make, so don’t be shy to keep going until you have a good one!

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