Anime Rarities Quests Guide

Feature image for our Anime Rarities quests. It shows a player character with the Sage Mode avatar stood in front of the quest board in-game.

Little short on coins? Aside from picking them up off the floor, or grinding some out on bosses, there are other ways to get rich in Anime Rarities. One of them is questing. Follow our Anime Rarities quests guide to learn how to pursue quests and soon you’ll be rolling in cash.

Head over to Roblox to play Anime Rarities, or try our Anime Rarities Crafting guide for more ideas on how to succeed in the world of anime RNG.

Anime Rarities Quests Guide

Now onto the details.

How To Do Quests

You’ll find the Quests zone to the left of spawn. You need to find certain Avatars to complete quests. One you have the Avatars you can redeem the rewards by hitting the ‘Complete’ button at the bottom of each quest panel.

Quest List

Here’s a list of all quests when we checked, along with the rewards if we could determine those

  • Collect 5 Kakaroth SSJ
    • Reward: 1000 Coins
  • Collect 1 Cursed Child
    • Reward 50000 Coins
  • Collect 1 Meteroic Boro
    • Reward: 70000 Coins
  • Collect 1 Powe Adult Gon
    • Reward: 60000 Coins
  • Collect 2 Kakaroth SSJ3
    • Reward: 18000 Coins
  • Collect 3 Mugetsu
    • Reward: 34000
  • Collect 10 Ifrit Black Leg
    • Reward: 20 Luck Potion I
  • Collect 5 Meteoric Boro
    Reward: 35 Luck Potion I
  • Collect 2 Dark Gon
    • Reward: 50 Luck Potion I
  • Collect 1 Prince SSJ Red
    • Reward: 100 Luck Potion I
  • Collect 8 Power Adult Gon
    • Reward: 30 Luck Potion I
  • Collect 10 Clan Killer
  • Collect 10 Human Monster
  • Collect 10 Green Beast
  • Collect 10 Vasto Lorde
  • Collect 10 Angry Caped Baldy
  • Collect 10 Ifrit Black Leg
  • Collect 10 Adult Gon
  • Collect 10 Three Sword Style
  • Collect 10 The One
  • Collect 10 Cosmic Boro
  • Collect 10 Mob 100

Make sure to come back to the Quests zone to redeem these, you don’t get the reward automatically!

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