Arcane Lineage Brawler Guide

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Order? Chaos? What if all you care about is punching things as hard as possible? Well, the Brawler class might be the one for you. Our Arcane Lineage Brawler guide covers what you need to know about the neutral super class.

Arcane Lineage is a Roblox game that drops you into a fantasy world and sets you out into it with a name, a race, some basic stats, and a dream. There are tons of different classes, heaps of skills, and hordes of enemies to deal with on your way to the peak of performance.

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Arcane Lineage Brawler Guide

Here we’ll talk a little about the class, the game, and whatever else you need to know.

About Super Classes

Super Classes are classes that you advance to on reaching Level 15 in Arcane Lineage. You chose your specialization at Level 5, but this is a chance to specialize further.

Here you split into Orderly, Neutral, or Chaotic versions of each broad class, and gain some hefty new moves. Choose wisely!

About The Brawler

The Blade Dancer is the Neutral branch of the Martial Artist class, with Monk as the Orderly route, and Dark Wraith as the Chaotic one. Brawler is a fist class that uses flurries of punches and kicks to deal damage and weaken opponents.

Brawler Skills

Brawler skills cost 750 Gold each to purchase, with loading up all five skills costing you a cool 3750 Gold.

Passive Abilities
  • Crusher – Inflicts even more damage against enemies with the Vulnerable status.
  • Bruiser – Buffs your stats at low health.
Active Abilities
  • Crushing Strike – A punch that damages the target and inflicts three stacked Vulnerable statuses.
  • Party Table – Multi-hit attack.
  • Burst Combo – Multi-hit attack. If an enemy is Vulnerable the attack will apply it again, stacking it.

About Arcane Lineage

Arcane Lineage is an experience on the Roblox platform. It’s an action RPG with an expansive world, and tons of freedom to build your character and complete objectives however you see fit. There are some terrible bosses lurking out there too, so be careful.

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