Arcane Lineage Race Tier List – August 2023

Feature image for our Arcane Lineage race tier list. It shows an in-game screen of a Dullahan character, with a blue flame in place of a head.

Looking to build a character in Arcane Lineage, but not sure whether to run with your new race or roll again? Well, we’re here to help out. Our Arcane Lineage race tier list lines up each of the player races, and ranks them as far as their performance.

Arcane Lineage is an experience on the Roblox platform. It’s an action RPG with an expansive world, and tons of freedom to build your character and complete objectives however you see fit. There are some terrible bosses lurking out there too, so be careful.

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Arcane Lineage Race List

Here are our rankings!


The best of the best.

  • Daminos
  • Drauga
  • Dullahan


Very good workhorse powers.

  • Corvolus
  • Stultus
  • Vastayan


Solid and dependable.

  • Estella
  • Nisse
  • Veneri


Useful situationally.

  • There are no C-tier races at the moment.



  • There are no D-tier races at the moment.

Race List

  • Corvolus
  • Daminos
  • Drauga
  • Dullahan
  • Estella
  • Nisse
  • Vastayan
  • Veneri

Arcane Lineage Race Tier List FAQ

Now you’ve got the info, we’ll elaborate on our scores below.

How do Our Tiers Work?

Our tiers run from best to worst and rank the general usefulness of the races.

  • S Tier: OP. The best of the best. Get one as soon as you can.
  • A Tier: Not as exceptional as S, but definitely very good. Will help you get through content with no problems.
  • B Tier:  Solid and dependable, but not exceptional. They won’t let you down, but you might switch them out later.
  • C Tier: Below average. Only useful in niche situations.
  • D Tier: Avoid like the plague.

How Did We Decide on the Rankings?

We pull our ranks from our own gameplay, and from multiple rankings in the community. Tier lists aren’t always totally objective, and your playstyle might suit things we rank lower! So, feel free to argue with us in the comments.

About Arcane Lineage

Arcane Lineage is a Roblox game that drops you into a fantasy world and sets you out into it with a name, a race, some basic stats, and a dream. There are tons of different classes, heaps of skills, and hordes of enemies to deal with on your way to the peak of performance.

Check out the official Roblox page for more info!

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