Arch Energy Pilgrammed Guide

Feature image for our Pilgrammed arch energy guide. It shows the Archmage boss on the Enchanted Island.

Searching for the elusive arch energy? We can help! This Arch energy Pilgrammed guide should cover any of your burning questions about the ingredient.

Pilgrammed in an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It’s an open-world action RPG that doesn’t pull its punches. You may die repeatedly and horribly on your quest across the land, but if you learn something while you do, then it’s all part of the challenge.

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Arch Energy Pilgrammed Guide

Below we’ll try and cover any information that you might find useful.

Arch Energy Uses

Arch Energy is an item that can be used in crafting. One of the major uses is getting the Unstable Crystal from the NPC merchant Nebraska in the Desert Of Foreboding Terror. The Unstable Crystal will summon an Evil Army when used in the Prairie area.

How To Obtain Arch Energy

Arch Energy is a guaranteed drop from the Archmage boss. The Archmage can be found on the Enchanted Island, which lies near the border between the Northern Sea and the Eastern Sea. You can reach the island by sailing out from the forest dock. The Archmage is at the top of the island, and has the following stats:

  • 500HP
  • 32 Damage
  • 50% Damage Taken
  • Element: Magic

The boss’ attack patterns are fairly similar to those of the witch enemies in the Deadly Swamp, with magical sigils appearing in the air around the boss. Stay out of the way of these and focus on the mage himself. He will heal himself if you give him the chance, so you need a weapon that can outmatch his regeneration.

About Pilgrammed

Pilgrammed is an action RPG on Roblox. It gives you a wide world to explore, full of deadly enemies, bosses, loot, and quirky NPCs. Wander the world at your leisure, but be careful! It’s full of monsters that won’t think twice about sending you right back to the checkpoint. You can buy new gear and mine for ore to get better equipment, you might need it!

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