Best Division Type Soul Guide

The image shows my avatar who has grey hair and a white robe with red pants. She is stood before a missions board which is in front of a massive brick wall.

With 13 total Divisions to choose from, it’s hard to choose the best one. My Best Division Type Soul Guide tells you my pick for the absolute best and why!

Divisions increase your grade regardless of your chosen faction. Selecting the best Division is a no-brainer if you want to become stronger. My best division selection may be different from yours, but it is truly down to playstyle preference. You can always change your division too, if you are dissatisfied with my pick.

Check out Type Soul over on Roblox. For more Type Soul guides, check out our Type Soul Ink Bankai Guide and Type Soul Spirit Box Guide.

Best Division Type Soul Guide

Let’s get into the best of the best!

Best Division So Far – Division 5

Why 5? Well, this Division is the best for grinding EXP. If you want to rank up fast and reach new Grades then Division 5 is a solid choice. Within this Division, your main mission will be to lure Hollows using Hollow Bait in Karakura Town and then kill them. Repeating this process is fairly easy and the Hollows aren’t particularly strong. And, each time you redo this mission you are pooling in EXP helping you rank up.

Runner Ups Best Division – Division 12

Alternatively, Division 12 is a great pick. This division tasks you with completing an osu-like mini-game which is a total cakewalk to participate in. Once you’re Grade 2 from joining either of my selections for divisions, you then get access to your Shikai, Schrift and Partial Res. Of course, any division you join can help you rank up to Grade 2 eventually.

About Type Soul

Type Soul is a complex Action RPG on the Roblox platform. It transports you to the world of Bleach in blocky form. With three diverse factions to choose from, bosses, evolutions and game modes, there is no shortage of bloodlust or fun to be had!

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