Black Grimoire Odyssey Class Tier List

Black Grimoire Odyssey city scene.

Not sure which class to play as in Black Grimoire Odyssey? Well, our Black Grimoire Odyssey class tier list is here to help. In this guide, I rank all of the classes from S tier to D tier, and detail why I place each class where it ends up. I’ll also update this guide whenever a new class drops, so I recommend bookmarking this page and checking back often.

Black Grimoire Odyssey is a dungeon crawler that you can play in Roblox. It draws inspiration from the likes of Pixel Dungeon, Soul Knight, and Black Clover, and sees you exploring dungeons. You battle through, gathering loot that you can equip top increase your power. You can then take on even more challenging dungeons for even better loot.

Black Grimoire Odyssey is out now via Roblox. I also recommend that you check out our Infinity Saga X tier list, Stands Awakening tier list, and Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis weapon tier list.

Black Grimoire Odyssey Class Tier List

Now, let’s take a look at the classes in Black Grimoire Odyssey, and where they place on our rankings.


The best class. Aim for this one.

  • Royalty


Decent alternative class.

  • Noble


Fine at the beginning, but move on quickly.

  • Peasant

Which is the Black Grimoire Odyssey Best Class?

It should be fairly straightforward, but the best class is Royalty. Just like in real life, the class that has all of the riches generally has a better time of things. The Peasant is the lowest of the lot, Royalty the best, and the Noble sits in between.

Why are they better in-game though? Well, each class has its own statistical boost. Peasants get a 10% statistical bonus, Nobles a 20%, and Royalty a 30%. So, as you can tell, you will progress a lot faster as a more well off class, just like in real life.

How do I Change Class in Black Grimoire: Odyssey?

When you first create a character, you can reroll your class up to four times to try and get Royalty. However, if you land on Noble, it might be worth sticking with it, as you only have a 5% chance of rolling Royalty.

You can also reroll at any point in the game by purchasing a class reroll with Robux. It’s quite expensive though, and might not be worth it. After all, it only speeds up progression. It doesn’t make you more powerful.

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