Blade Ball Best Ability Guide

Feature image for our Blade Ball best ability guide. It shows a character lying in pieces after using a round of Blade Ball.

Want to know where you should spend your money in the Blade Ball ability shop? Well, we’re here to give a bit of help. Our Blade Ball best ability guide covers what you need to know about the top tier abilities in the game.

Blade Ball is a Roblox game that’s an extreme version of dodgeball that involves explosions and swords. What’s not to like? A ball flies around the arena, homing in on different players, and you’ll need to use your blade to repel the deadly orb when it turns towards you. Survive the longest to win.

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Blade Ball Best Ability Guide

Here we’ll talk about abilities in Blade Ball and what we think is the best ability available.

The Good Abilities

  • Invisibility – A solid skill that allows you to turn transparent, meaning the ball can’t ‘see’ you and take you out. For obvious reasons, this is a great way to survive longer. Keep in mind though, once it’s down to tow players you can’t use it anymore, so don’t use it as a crutch.
  • Super Jump – Leap into the air and move from one spot to another at a breakneck pace. This can also cause the ball to veer up into the air and make your next deflection take a player below completely by surprise.

The Best Ability

  • Telekinesis – This is, in our opinion, the best ability you can get. It not only lets you auto-deflect the ball for short periods of time, it also speeds the ball up, making it absolutely everybody else’s problem. Frankly, it feels a bit like cheating. We would not be shocked if this got a bit of a nerf in the future.

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