Break In 2 Scary Mary Guide

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Want to know about one of the conniving bosses of Break In 2? Well, we’re here to give you the info. Our Break In 2 Scary Mary guide goes over what you can expect when you get to this musical and malevolent boss lady.

Break In 2 is a Roblox game where you and some other players find your innocent camping trip going horribly wrong. Trying to avoid the weather you wander into a building looking for shelter, only to discover you’ve blundered into a villain hideout! You have a short amount of time to train up and defend yourselves, so train, get hold of weaponry, and try to outlast the waves of henchmen coming your way.

You can check out Break In 2 now on Roblox.

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Break In 2 Scary Mary Guide

Once you’ve cleared all the waves of the henchmen, it’s time to head below the base to face Scary Mary herself. She’s no pushover, but if you’re prepared, you can get through the fight without taking a single hit.

The fight is broadly split into two rotating phases. The Lava Phase and the Dance Phase.

The Lava Phase

The first phase you’ll encounter is the Lava Phase, which is simple enough. Mary will jump up onto a tall platform, and lava outlets will appear at four sides of the arena, activated by her violin playing. The faucet about to activate will light up with a red cloud of musical notes, and parts of the floor will highlight in red.

Get off the red parts of the floor before lava covers them.

It’s a simple concept, but each round this will get faster, so keep moving and look for open spaces.

The Dance Phase

In the Dance Phase, Mary will jump down. You’ll need to tackle her directly. She is usually invincible, and has several attacks she can use on you:

  • Clouds of notes appear on the floor, which erupt into giant roses. These will stay in the arena for a while, creating obstacles that will hurt if you touch them.
  • Red spots appear on the floor which will erupt into dangerous spikes. Avoid standing on the spots and try to predict their path to avoid getting hurt.
  • Mary herself will dance around the arena, harming anyone who gets in her path. Arrows light up where she’ll move next, so use these to judge where to run to.

After a while, Mary gets dizzy and stops, which gives you time to hit the wind-up key on her back and deal a heart of damage. This repeats three times until Mary stops and retreats back to her perch.

So it’s over, right? Oh no, it’s about to get interesting. Scary Larry is next.

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