Clover Retribution Fire Lily Guide

Feature image for our Clover Retribution fire lily guide. It shows a player character stood in the Grassland Forest, where flowers can be found.

Looking for the blue lily’s fierier cousin? You’re not alone. Our Clover Retribution fire lily guide goes over the best way to get your hands on the hottest flowers in the grassland forest. These blooms are a little tougher to see on than the blue flowers, but the process isn’t too hard, just a little time-consuming.

Clover Retribution is a Roblox RPG that takes you into the world of Black Clover, the hit manga and anime. You get your own grimoire, and a whole world to explore, with action combat, spells, and all kinds of quests.

You can check it out on Roblox via Google Play.

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Clover Retribution Fire Lily Guide

We’ve cut the guide up into appropriate sections.

About Fire Lilies

Fire Lilies are a crafting material in Clover Retribution, used in certain in-game recipes. They’re one of three different collectible flowers, along with the more common Blue Lily, and the rare Mana Flower.

Fire Lily Locations

There’s a chance of a Fire Lily growing wherever you can find blue lilies. You’re likely to find blue lilies. There are some areas where flowers grow quite frequently. Fortunately one of these isn’t far from spawn.

Here’s the easiest way to collect multiple Fire Lilies:

  • Head to the church in Unnamed Village.
  • Facing the front of the church, turn right.
  • Keep heading right until you reach a hill next to the lake.
  • Climb to the top.
  • You should find several flower spawns there.
  • There’s a chance any of these could spawn a Fire Lily.
  • Once you’ve harvested these, change servers or restart the game to try again.
  • Keep going until you have the number of flowers you need.

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