Cooking Wonderland Codes Guide

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Looking to up your restaurant game without too much grind? Gift codes are a pretty great way to do that. They’re codes released by the developers that you redeem in-game for in-game prizes. Great, right? But how do you find these codes? Well, if we’ve got anything to do with it, our Cooking Wonderland codes are the place to go. We’ve got the latest codes and information on how exactly to enter them to get the rewards. Sound good? Read on.

Cooking Wonderland is available now on Google Play. We’ve got a Dragon POW codes guide too.

Cooking Wonderland Codes Guide

Onto the codes!

Active Codes

Here are where any working codes end up. We try to keep this up to date, because codes expire pretty quickly! Make sure you use them shortly after you see them, as some are renewed on a weekly basis.

  • dc5650 (New!)
  • mjsl6677 – 188 Diamonds, 20 SR Shards, 2 Summon Tickets

If any codes aren’t working, they might already expired. Whoops! Don’t be afraid to let us know in the comments if any are out of date.

How To Redeem Active Codes

All the codes, not sure how to use them? Follow the steps below to get the rewards you’re after. We’ve run through everything.

  • Open Cooking Wonderland and head to the main screen.
  • Hit your character portrait in the top left corner to open your profile.
  • On your profile hit the blue button marked Redeem on the bottom left of the pop-up.
  • This should open another pop-up.
  • Enter the codes into the Redeem window and hit the yellow Exchange button.
  • You should see your rewards appear on-screen if the code is working.
  • Check your in-game mailbox for your prizes if you can’t find them!

Now you should be ready to return to the kitchen and get cooking.

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