Critical Revengeance Classes Guide – How To Change Your Class

Feature image for our Critical Revengeance classes guide. It shows the Sword shrine in-game.

Washed up on some strange shores with no idea how you got there? Ready for some adventuring? Wondering how on earth you use magic? We’ve got you. Our Critical Revengeance classes guide talks a little about the game’s class system, and how to change it if you want a different playstyle.

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Critical Revengeance Classes Guide

First, we’ll go over how to change classes, then outline a little about each of the classes available.

How To Change Classes

So, you’ve just started the game. You’re on a beach with basic equipment and not much character building. How do you pick your class? Well it’s not a matter of picking in Critical Revengeance. You can swap your class around whenever you feel like it, but you need to know the right place.

To change class, you need to find the class’s shrine in locations across the map, interact with it, and agree to take on the class in question.

If you want to change back to the class you were before, you need to find the class’s shrine again, and speak to it again. You get the idea.

Early Game Classes

There are classes obtainable easily from the start, as you don’t need to have the key to the Mountain Gate.


  • Shrine Found in the Town Of Initia, up the cliff opposite the first campsite.
  • The Class is DPS-focused, building Fury through taking damage to boost its own damage, then healing through crits.
  • The playstyle means Attack and Health are important stats to level for a sword build.


  • Found early in the Forest Of Stone.
  • Mage class does damage based off the Magic stat, with attacks hitting for Magic damage and some attacks causing Magic Burn. Some orbs can also act as damage reduction.
  • Magic is the obvious stat to level here.


  • Found later in the Forest Of Stone.
  • Heretic is a class better suited to play in a party, as it can sacrifice HP to heal allies for greater numbers. Also works on magic.
  • Health is an important stat for this class, as you’ll be using it to invigorate your party.

Mid Game Classes

Classes obtainable after passing the Mountain Gate, making them mid-game by the current content.


  • Found in the Great Cliffs area.
  • A class focused around collecting and deploying stacks of Arrows which fire with your crit, and potentially inflict debuffs.
  • Increase your mastery to increase your arrows.


  • Found in Sakura Heights.
  • A rogue-type class that can inflict Bleed and Backstabs on the enemy.
  • Damage is the best skill to upgrade to increase your damage overall.


  • Found in Desert Highlands.
  • Can inflict the Voidtouched status effect.


  • Found in Great Cliffs.
  • The tank class, gains defense buffs through battle.
  • Damage scales off of er… Damage. But Barrier is also a good idea for the class.

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