Critical Revengeance Prestige – Everything You Need To Know

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What is the Prestige feature in Critical Revengeance? Our guide is here to help you understand what the Critical Revengeance Prestige is and teach you everything you need to know.

Fancy playing Critical Revengeance for yourself? You can get the game on Roblox. Or, if you’re already a player, we have a Critical Revengeance Classes Guide you can have a look at!

Critical Revengeance Prestige Guide

First, I’ll explain a little bit about what Prestige is. Then I’ll move on to how to get it, and some of the pros and cons that come with it!

What Is Prestige?

Prestige is a game mechanic that proves to be a really useful feature to have. If you have it, it will grant you an EX Boost and also increase the Level Cap by 10. This nifty feature can be used up to ten times before you max your prestige potential.

How To Get Prestige

A great tip to keep in mind to speed up the process is to use the Appletana. It’s not required but it will definitely speed things up! First, head to Sakura Heights, and start farming Kitsune until you reach between levels 40 and 50. Kitsune are the easiest to farm, as they give out the most EXP! After this, head over to Prince Slime. From there you can begin to farm different slime until you can Prestige.


There are definitely a lot more positives than negatives to having Prestige!

  • +10 Level Cap – which will give you more overall Stat points
  • Keep all items you have picked up
  • Keep Enchant
  • Keep Style EXP
  • Get a large EXP Boost depending on the Prestige:
    • Prestige 1 – 2.4x EXP
    • Prestige 3 – 2.6x EXP
    • Prestige 5 – 2.8x EXP
    • Prestige 7 – 3.1x EXP
    • Prestige 10 – 5.5x EXP


Unfortunately, there are a few negatives to having it.

  • It can reset the level you are on, and your stats
  • Your current class can be reset
  • Your REP and how much Gold you own can reset
  • The guild you are in can reset
  • Your respawn point can be reset

Now it’s up to you to decide if you want to get it! However, I’ll say it’s something definitely worth having.

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