Demon Piece Fruit Tier List – Launch Rankings

Feature image for our Demon Piece Fruit tier list which shows a box of oddly shaped fruits with varying colours and swirled patterns in the skin of the fruit. Some fruits even emit a soft glow inside the wooden box

Well, they all taste equally awful so make sure you eat only the strongest fruit. This Demon Piece Fruit Tier List ranks every devil fruit from best to worst so you know which fruits to seek and scran.

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Demon Piece Tier List (April 2024)

Let’s get into the rankings!


OP! They may taste bad, but their powers are top-tier. These Devil Fruits are the absolute best of the best stunting the most versatility and raw power.

  • Light
  • Tremor
  • Dark
  • Buddha


Great alternatives if you can’t get hold of those in the S-tier. These fruits are still incredibly strong and formidable, just not the best.

  • Sand
  • Paw
  • Flame
  • Lightning


Average fruits that aren’t excellent, but not easily dismissed either. They’re decent.

  • Gas
  • Love


Weaker fruits offer less to the player and don’t hold well in combat. Offers a few niche uses but overall it’s not worth chowing down on these.

  • Chop
  • Bomb
  • Smoke
  • Barrier


Unlucky! These fruits don’t offer much of anything and aren’t worth eating.

  • Spin
  • Spring
  • Kilo

Devil Fruit Masterlist

This masterlist serves as an index of all fruits in case some haven’t been ranked into my tier list yet. In instances where this happens, it is typically because I haven’t used, seen or researched the fruit enough to give it a solid ranking. I haven’t forgotten, I promise! Be sure to bookmark and check back on this tier for when rankings update with new fruits.

  • Spin [Common]
  • Spring [Common]
  • Kilo [Common]
  • Chop [Common]
  • Bomb [Uncommon]
  • Smoke [Uncommon]
  • Gas [Rare]
  • Barrier [Rare]
  • Love [Rare]
  • Sand [Rare]
  • Paw [Rare]
  • Flame [Legendary]
  • Light [Legendary]
  • Tremor [Legendary]
  • Dark [Legendary]
  • Lightning [Legendary]
  • Buddha [Legendary]

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