Demon Piece Races Guide

Feature image for our Demon Piece races guide showing my avatar in an all black emo drippy outfit with a Korn shirt. She has the horns of an Oni, two striking yellowish horns of different lengths.

This Demon Piece Races Guide outlines every species faction within the game including cosmetics, perks, rarity and more!

Check out Demon Piece over on Roblox. Fan of One Piece-inspired games? Take a look at our Legacy Piece Race Tier List and Legacy Piece Races Guide.

Demon Piece Races Guide

When joining Demon Piece for the first time you’ll automatically be assigned a race using a free spin. You can view your race by selecting the ‘stats’ button on the left side of the game screen, where your race is written at the bottom.

To reroll your race, you need to redeem Demon Piece Codes or purchase Rerolls using Robux from the in-game store by selecting the shopping cart in the bottom left.

Human – 30% Roll Rate

Humans are the default of Demon Piece with no visible cosmetic or buffs to accompany their ranks. It’s not so bad – if you get a decent fruit and train well you can still succeed.

  • 30% Roll Chance
  • No buffs
  • No cosmetic

Skypiean – 20% Roll Rate

Skypieans are angelic-like humanoids hailing from Skypiea. Those who roll into the Skypiean faction can enjoy white wings cosmetic on their backs, though sadly it doesn’t grant flight. What this race does offer is a higher jump and +1 Geppo.

  • 20% Roll Rate
  • White wings on the player’s back cosmetic
  • Higher jump
  • +1 Geppo

Fishman – 15% Roll Rate

A proud race which can reside both in the vicious sea and on land. Fishmen are recognised by their large fin adorning their back and their affiliation with water. Unless you’re Vander Decken that is. Fishmen enjoy being able to swim faster, and swim in the water even as fruit eaters!

  • 15% Roll Rate
  • Large fin cosmetic on the player’s back
  • Faster Swim Speed
  • Can swim even if consumed a Devil Fruit

Mink – 15% Roll Rate

Arguably the cutest of the races! Minks stunt an animal-like appearance whilst appearing humanoid still. Not like Chopper’s attempts at looking more human. Mink users will have an animal tail and ears in varying colours. Those belonging to this race can enjoy +15% Movement Speed and +15% Stamina.

  • 15% Roll Rate
  • Animal ears and tail cosmetic
  • +15% Movement Speed
  • +15% Stamina

Oni – 10% Roll Rate

These horned humanoids enjoy being quite the powerhouses. Oni users get a nifty +10% Sword Resistance and +10% Fighting Style Resistance. Useful in combat if versus a user of those styles!

  • 10% Roll Rate
  • Horns on the player’s head cosmetic
  • +10% Fighting Style Resistance
  • +10% Sword Resistance

Cyborg – 5% Roll Rate

This race is SUPER! Cyborgs have a plating across their chest (maybe to store Cola… who knows?). As well as this, they get a powerful +5% Damage on all fighting styles used by the player.

  • 5% Roll Rate
  • LED plating on the player’s chest cosmetic
  • +5% Damage to everything

Lunarian – 5% Roll Rate

Lunarians visually appear as a dark version of a Skypiean, with black feathered wings instead of white. Again, these don’t allow for the user to fly. This race does come with a bunch more perks thanks to its high rarity including x2 Burn Damage, an M1 Burn and being immune to Burn Damage.

  • 5% Roll Rate
  • Black wing cosmetic on the player’s back
  • x2 Burn Damage
  • Immune to Burn Damage
  • M1 Burn attack

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