Demon Piece Races Tier List – All Buffs Ranked!

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Different Demon Piece races provide different buffs that can help you in your adventure. Our Demon Piece Race Tier List has ranked all the races from best to worst, so you know which are the best buffs to have!

To play the game for yourself, you can head over to Roblox. If you’re already a player or want to learn more about the game, you can check out our Demon Piece Fruit Guide and our Demon Piece Haki Guide.

Demon Piece Races – Ranked!


The absolute best

  • Oni – This buff makes your defence a lot higher by giving you a 10% Sword Resistance as well as a
    10% Fighting Style Resistance
  • Lunarian – This is one of the best buffs available, and offers the most! Lunarian gives you the chance to do a 2x Burn Damage to opponents, as well as granting you immunity to burns


They provide great buffs, and are great to have!

  • Mink – If you want speed, the Mink buff is for you! It gives you a 15% increase in Movement Speed as well as a 15% increase in Stamina


Although not the best, they do give you some positives

  • Cyborg – The Cyborg gives you +5% damage to anything you hit, which can be pretty useful, but 5% also isn’t that much


These are good to have, but only in certain situations or environments

  • Skypian – Apart from giving you the ability to jump higher, and give you a +1 Geppo, this buff doesn’t do anything
  • Fisherman – The Fisherman is only useful if you are in water. The buff allows you to swim faster, and lets you swim with a fruit. Apart from that, it doesn’t do anything


The worst and the weakest, try to avoid!

  • Human – This is the only race that offers no buffs or perks

When Do We Update Our Demon Piece Tier List?

We like to keep on top of things and always make sure you are reading updated information. If there’s a new update out, or more information has been posted, we’ll be sure to update this post! You can also look out for updates on the Demon Piece Roblox page.

How Do We Decide The Rankings?

We draw from multiple sources and our own experiences to give you the best and most accurate information there is!

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