Demon Piece Smoke Admiral Raid Guide

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This Demon Piece Smoke Admiral Raid Guide tells you everything you need to know about White Chase-ya. From spawn location, how to spawn, boss stats, drops and more!

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Demon Piece Smoke Admiral Raid Guide

Smoke Admiral is the easiest of the (current) 3 raid bosses. He has the least health versus the other raid bosses, and spawns in an early-game-friendly location. If the name didn’t give it away, this raid boss is based on everyone’s favourite navy soldier, Smoker from One Piece.

Smoke Admiral Stats and Spawning

Smoke Admiral spawns within Logue Town (No level requirement), which is the communal hub of Pirate and Marine players with tons of beneficial NPCs. Aside from other players, Smoke Admiral is the only hostile to appear on this island.

He spawns every 40 minutes without needing materials to summon or bait him into a fight. Despite him having lesser health than the other two raid bosses by a considerable amount, Smoker still has some devastating tactics and stats which he uses in battle.

  • Boss Health: 7,500 HP
  • Special Move: When below 50% of his max health, Smoker summons a series of subordinates to back him up
    • 5 Marines
    • 2 Sword users
    • 1 Fist user
    • 2 Gun users
  • Location: Logue Town
  • Cooldown: 40 Minutes

Smoke Admiral Drops

When defeated, Smoke Admiral has a plethora of goodies for you to loot.

  • Fog Fighter Title – 100% drop rate, however, can only be obtained once.
  • Jitte (Weapon) – 5% drop chance
  • Smoke Admiral’s Cape (Accessory) – 3% drop chance
  • White Plume Essense (Material) – 10% drop chance
  • Orbs (Of any variant) – 0.5% drop chance
  • ANY Demon Fruit – 3% drop chance
  • Vitality Serum (Material) – 5% drop chance
  • Gunpowder (Material) – 30% drop chance
  • Hardened Glass (Material) – 30% drop chance

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