Demon Piece Wanted Posters Guide

Feature image for our Demon Piece Wanted Posters Guide which shows a wanted poster against a grey wall of a house with my avatars face on it. The image is taken at night so the scenery surrounded is dulled out with minimal lighting

Fancy stunting your bounty on something flashier than dishevelled tan paper? This Demon Piece Wanted Posters Guide tells you how to obtain all the unique Wanted Poster variants, and what they look like!

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Demon Piece Wanted Posters Guide

When starting your adventure you’ll have the default wanted poster. A tan sheet of paper displaying your avatar headshot and bounty. If you’re after changing it up to show off the numerical equivalent of your lethality then head over to Logue Town. An NPC here named Attach is holding a camera and can change your wanted poster if you meet a few requirements.

Wanted Posters Variants

Let’s get into the unique posters!

Wood Board

As expected, this poster appears as though your bounty was carved into wood. To obtain this poster, forfeit 99 Robux, or destroy 100 trees on your travels.

S.A.D Lab

Despite the name, this poster looks sick, not sad! Based on S.A.D lore from Punk Hazard and Dressrosa, this poster is covered in striking yellow caution tape against a metallic silver background with bold green text. This poster will cost you 199 Robux, or a winning fight against the Kuma Raid Boss.

Ocean’s Depths

A stunning poster stunting oceanic themes of blues. To obtain, pay 149 Robux or travel to the Forbidden Sea with a bounty of over 100k.

Flame Conqueror

Inspired by Ace, or Sabo (you decide), this hot poster has intricate reds and oranges intertwined into flames as the backdrop. You can get this poster when your bounty exceeds 100k, or by spending 99 Robux.

Dragon Scales

This poster has a repeating scales pattern in a sleek blue colour, mimicking that of Sea Kings. To get this bounty poster, pay up 149 Robux or defeat a Sea Dragon.

Sword Demon

ZORO POSTER! Arguably the best bounty poster on the market (can you tell I have a favourite?). This deep purple poster has green lettering and subtle nods to Zoro, including his swords, earrings, and a black bandana tied around the ‘D’ on WANTED.

Sadly, this poster is one of a few Robux exclusives. The DEVs knew they cooked and wanted to make sure people wanted this one enough to spend 249 Robux on it.

Soul King

Yo ho ho ho! This green poster has a ghostly ambience behind the avatar picture. Above the central of your avatar’s picture is a little golden crown, a nod to Brook. Weaved into the ‘Marine’ lettering of this poster are Brooks’s iconic pink shades. Stylish! This is another Robux exclusive poster costing 249 Robux.

Sky City

Transport yourself to Skypiea with this Sky City poster! It stunts a cutesy theme with blue skies, soft white clouds and a rainbow behind the ‘WANTED’ lettering. Quite a contrasting theme considering the severity of a bounty. To get this poster you’ll need to pay 249 Robux.

Lightning Tamer

Another Robux exclusive poster that costs 249 of your hard-earned digital currency. Believe it or not, I have no idea if this poster is based on a Minks’ Electro style or Enel’s fruit. Either way, it’s a deep grey backdrop with blue lightning.

Hawk Eye

Dracule Mihawk has entered the chat. This sleek red poster finalises this list for now. Costing 249 Robux, this bounty sheet stunts his impressive Yoru blade cutting down the centre of the sheet, and feathered hat dangling off the ‘D’ on WANTED.

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