Disney Speedstorm Backwards Skill – How to Perform It

Mickey Mouse in Disney Speedstorm.

Noticed other players chucking skills backwards while racing and feeling a little jealous? Well, this Disney Speedstorm backwards skill is here to help you. In this guide, I’m going to detail exactly how the system works, including how to pull off a backwards skill and which items are compatible. If anything changes, I’ll update this guide to let you know.

Disney Speedstorm is a blend of developer Gameloft’s Asphalt racing series and Nintendo’s beloved Mario Kart. You race as your favourite Disney characters, boosting to gain an advantage, using Mario Kart-style items to hinder your opponents, and even knocking them off the course Burnout-style. With a bunch of themed tracks, excellent music, and tons of unlockables, it’s got enough to keep you busy longterm.

You can grab Disney Speedstorm on Google Play. For more information, grab these Disney Speedstorm codes, check out our Disney Speedstorm tier list, and check out the recent Disney Speedstorm character leaks.

Disney Speedstorm Backwards Skill

Now, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the Disney Speedstorm backwards skill.

What is a Backwards Skill?

A backwards skill in Disney Speedstorm is your ability to fire a skill backwards. Duh, right? Well, traditionally, when you use a skill in Disney Speedstorm that affects another player, it fires forwards. This typically affects projectile skills the most, but certain others.

Well, a backwards skill reverses that. So, say you’re using the ability that reverses the controls for any player it hits. If you fire it normally you will fly in front of you, but fire it backwards and you can affect a player behind you.

How do I Perform a Backwards Skill?

That’s the easy part. All you have to do is hold backwards when using the skill. This works the same if you’re using the skill regularly or charging it. Don’t worry, you won’t accidentally drive backwards as reverse is mapped to a different button.

Which Skill Can I Fire Backwards?

Below is a complete list of skills that can fire backwards, and exactly what they do:

  • Fire: Spawns a fire trail that disrupts those who drive into it.
  • Hack: Spawns a disruptive wall that reverses the controls of those who drive through it.
  • Bomb: Throw a bomb behind you that stuns any who gets hit by the explosion.

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