Disney Speedstorm Charged Skills – How They Work

Aladdin and Genie in Disney Speedstorm.

Used to Mario Kart and don’t really understand the concept of charging skills? Well, this Disney Speedstorm charged skills guide is here to help. In this guide, I’m going to detail exactly what a charged skill is, how to use it, and I’ll go through a list of skills and what charging achieves. I’ll update this guide if anything changes, like new skill introductions in the future.

Disney Speedstorm combines the Burnout-style racing of the Asphalt series with Mario Kart. Instead of Nintendo characters, you collect those from Disney movies. Each character has its own set of skills that you can use during a race to gain an advantage, as well as a class that details its playstyle. Speedsters go fast, while Brawlers are more comfortable in a battle.

You can grab Disney Speedstorm on Google Play. We’ve also got guides on the Disney Speedstorm backwards skill, Disney Speedstorm codes, and Disney Speedstorm tier list.

Disney Speedstorm Charged Skills

Now, let’s go through everything you need to know about Disney Speedstorm charged skills.

What’s a Charged Skill?

If you tap and hold the skill button when performing a skill, you can instead charge it, altering its effects. Charged skills are typically more powerful than the regular skill, but in certain instances it is simply an altered version.

How do I Perform a Charged Skill?

Simply tap and hold the skill button while you have a skill active to perform a charged skill. This will alter the skill effect, changing the results of the skill.

Which Skills Can I Charge?

You can charge most of the skills in the game, including special abilities. Here’s a complete list, including what changes when you charge the skills:

  • Boost: Charge to gain even more nitro fuel.
  • Fire: Charge to create a big explosion.
  • Shot: Charge to make the projectile home in on an opponent.
  • Hack: Charge to make the projectile home in on an opponent.
  • Cloak: Charge to become invisible and stun enemies.
  • Rush: Charge to dash forward three times.
  • Bomb: Charge to throw the bomb further.
  • Shield: Charge to create an aura that stuns an opponent.

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