Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Classes

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution official artwork.

Fancy making a start with Dragon Nest 2 but not sure which class to pick? My Dragon Nest 2: Evolution classes guide is here to help you. In this guide, I round up all of the class options currently available in the game, and detail everything you need to know about them. We’ll include strengths and weaknesses, and take a look at what class is right for you.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is the latest entry in the long-running MMORPG series. You pick from one of four different classes and head out into a world full of adventure. There are quests to complete, challenging content to participate in with your friends, and a player-driven economy.

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Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Classes

Now, let’s take a look at a complete list of Dragon Nest 2: Evolution classes, including everything you need to know about each of them.


Warriors are your frontline fighters. The tanks. The class that can take a hit in combat and live to tell the tale. If you like tanking, dealing melee DPS, and having an easier time with survival, go with this one.


  • Solid Defense
  • AoE Attacks
  • Crowd Control Abilities


  • Low Maneuverability
  • Lack of Ranged Options


Prefer sitting back from combat and taking out opponents that can’t hit you back? The Archer is the choice for you.


  • Best Range
  • High Damage
  • High Maneuverability


  • Very Low Defense
  • Lack of CC Options
  • Lack of AoE Damage


The Cleric is a healing and support class that is highly versatile. It’s solid attack and defense options also allows it to hold its own in melee combat and tank when required.


  • High Defense
  • Loads of CC Options
  • AoE Attacks


  • Few Ranged Options


If you like mages, you’ll love the Sorceress. This magic-dealing class stands at the back firing off AoE attacks at hordes of enemies.


  • Best AoE Options
  • High Attack
  • Decent Range


  • Low Defense
  • Lack of CC Options
  • Low Maneuverability

What’s the Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Best Class?

This question is always subjective, and I try and help you determine which one to choose by considering the roles you like to play in a party, as well as raw stats and skills for each class.

Here’s how I’d break down the four options in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution:


  • Warrior
  • Cleric


  • Archer
  • Sorceress


  • Cleric

Overall though, the classes aren’t that dissimilar to each other, and you can generally play them however you’d like.

I’d personally recommend the Cleric as the best class for those starting out though. Its only real weakness is its lack of ranged options, while it’s solid at everything else. You will deal decent damage, survive, and have a wealth of CC and support options.

If you insist on a ranged class, it’s a lot easier. The Mage is best at PvE – particularly content where you face a lot of mobs – while the Archer is best at PvP and against bosses, thanks to its high single-target DPS.

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