Dynamo Kid 4 Tips

Here are some Tips and Tricks for Orange Pixel’s Dynamo Kid 4 game straight from their site.

The Basics:

1. Stars that float are more valuable then stars that dropped to the ground! So try to avoid touching the stars if you don’t have to!

2. In most cases Dynamo Kid will warn you if things are nearing around him. Look at his face and what he is watching! it might help you survive some unforseen hazards!

3. Try jumping on a walking creature instead of touching them with your fingers. It’s a hard thing to time and do, but the points you receive for a successful jump make up for trying!

Hidden Stuff:

1. Find the secret hidden stars! These are stars that require coloring, they usually float up in the air. Touching them will make them drop, and if Dynamo Kid collects three of them he unlocks another level!

2. Walking creatures that you touch will die and give you points.. but try touching them while they drop off the screen! You can tripple your points by touching them mid-air upto three times !

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