Elemental Dungeons Elements – Listed With Stats!

Need more information about Elemental Dungeons Elements? This guide lists all Elements and what effects they can bring, to ensure you know everything there is about Elements in Elemental Dungeons!

Elemental Dungeons is a fighting game where you can battle bosses, work through quests to gather mystical loot and other items, explore dungeons filled with enemies and discover a range of elemental abilities to wield in combat.

You can play the game on Roblox. If you enjoy these sorts of adventure filled games, we have a few different guides that you can check out such as Roblox Unconventional Abilities List, Black Grimoire Odyssey and How to Learn and Use Spells In RO-Wizard.

Elemental Dungeons Elements

Right now there are six different elements in Elemental Dungeons. They are: Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Ice, and Darkness. By using elements, you cast different spells to help you in the game. You can also use them for defence, which will protect you from different types of elemental damage.

Elements Listed!

Below are the different elements and what they have to offer!


  • State: Burning
  • Effect: Passive burn damage and causes Baked when it gets combined with Muddy
  • Environmental Effect: Burns grass, melts ice, ignites boxes and barrels
  • Dispels: Wet, Chill, Freeze, Chaos


  • State: Wet
  • Effect: Doubles the received damage from Lightning. Also causes Muddy when combined with Dusty and causes Freeze when combined with Chilled.
  • Environmental Effect: Extinguishes fire, washes off mud
  • Dispels: Muddy, Burning, Poisoned, Petrochemical, Chaos


  • State: Dusty
  • Effect: Causes Muddy when combined with Wet.
  • Environmental Effect: None
  • Dispels: None


  • State: electrocuted
  • Effect: temporary stun
  • Environmental Effect: Damages all enemies in a water pond
  • Dispels: Dizzy, Blind, Paralyzed


  • State: chilled
  • Effect: Slows movement and causes Freeze when combined with Wet
  • Environmental Effect: Freezes water tiles and wet grass
  • Dispels: Burning


  • State: shadow curse
  • Effect: 20% received damage increase from Darkness spells and 10% received damage increase from other spells
  • Environmental Effect: None
  • Dispels: Petrochemical

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