Elemental Dungeons Wise Blind Toad Quest Guide

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Who is the Elemental Dungeons Wise Blind Toad? And what do you get if you meet him? This guide will explain where you can find the Elemental Dungeons Wise Blind Toad and the quest you need to embark on to gain a special power from him!

Elemental Dungeons is an action packed fighting game where you can battle bosses, go on quests to gather mystical loot and other items, explore dungeons filled with enemies and find a range of elemental abilities to wield in combat.

You can play the game on Roblox. If you already play, we have a guide on Elemental Dungeons Elements – Listed With Stats!.

Elemental Dungeons Wise Blind Toad

Lets jump (ribbit ribbit) in!

Find The Toad!

You can find the Wise Blind Toad on top of a cliff. The cliff has a small tree as well as a large red tree on top, so it is easy to spot! The cliff is quite hard to reach, so you need to time your jumps correctly (hint: land on the tree between jumps). Once you land, keep walking to find the Toad.

When interacting with him, he will say:

“Ribbit… Ribbit… Is anyone there? Can you bring me some food? I’ll give you a special power!”

He does not specify what you need to bring… but he is looking for five frogs legs!

Hop Over To The Merchant

To gather the items you need, head on over to The Merchant. You will need to buy five frogs legs, however, you can only buy one at a time. The good news is The Merchant will respawn every hour for 20 minutes. While you wait for them to respawn, there are so many different things to explore in the game.

Bring The Frog Legs

Once you have gathered five frogs legs, hop back over to where the Wise Blind Toad is. Then you need to select the ‘Here you go, Gramps‘ option. He will take the frogs legs, and give you Double Jump.

Double Jump is a great action to have, as it will make jumping a lot easier and it will allow you to reach places that are harder to get to.

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