Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Best Weapons Guide

Feature image for our Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis best weapons guide. It shows Cloud facing off against Sephiroth in a sword fight.

Sorting through your free draws in Ever Crisis but lost in a sea of stars with no idea what’s good and what isn’t? Well, we’ll try to be your guide here. Our Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis best weapons guide highlights the stars of the weapon gacha as we see it.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is an RPG that combines the stories of all the mighty Final Fantasy VII series into one package, presented in a modernized version of the original game’s style. You’ll get cute little sprites on the map, and bigger, more detailed ones in battle.

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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Best Weapons Guide

Here we’ll highlight some real gems of the weapon world.

Murasame – Cloud

A name that translates to ‘Autumn Rain’, the sword is anything but gentle. This blade is a monster that can buff lightning damage and then hit for the same element type with its core ability for crazy damage. It’s possible to get boosts to your sigil-breaking too, making this perfect for absolutely ruining a boss’ day.

Flame Projector – Barret

Burn baby burn. The Flame Projector is a weapon that turns Barret’s gun arm into a flamethrower. Aside from the fact that that’s badass, it’s great if you want to use him as an AoE attacker to clear out all the mooks in your way. The core ability lets you blast all of the bad guys on the field at once.

Fairy Tale – Aerith

If you want to play Aerith as a full-on support healer then Fairy Tale is the natural choice. An AoE healing core skill, buff to healing strength, and even some defense-boosting effects to keep our favorite Cetra standing when things get hairy.

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