Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Chocobo Farm – Expeditions Detailed

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis Cloud and Chocobo at a Chocobo farm.

Not sure how the Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Chocobo Farm feature works? Well, not to worry, for that’s exactly what we aim to tackle in this guide. Here, we’ll detail everything that you know to know, including what the Chocobo Farm is, what you can get from participating in it, and everything else you need to know. We’ll also update this guide whenever a new update drops, so I recommend bookmarking this page and checking back often.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is an ambitious mobile reimagining of arguably the finest Final Fantasy yet, along with its spin-off, Crisis Core. You play through key moments of each game, exploring as cute Chibi versions of your favourite characters. There’s also turn-based combat, with visuals in these scenes drawing inspiration from the recent console and PC remake.

You can grab Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis right now from Google Play. We’ve also put together a Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis summons guide, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis tier list, and Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis outfits list.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Chocobo Farm

The Chocobo Farm is a feature in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis that allows you to rear your own Chocobo. For those unaware, these creatures are the yellow birds that serve as mounts in the Final Fantasy universe. Forget horses. It’s all about the Chocobo.

By visiting the Chocobo Farm, you can interact with your collection of Chocobos. There are a wide variety of them to collect as you play, and you can wander around viewing those within your collection.

However, the real reason to mess around with the Chocobo Farm is to send a member of your party out on an expedition. Let’s take a closer look at that feature.

What Are Chocobo Expeditions?

While at your Chocobo Farm, you can send out members of your team on Chocobo Expeditions. These are a series of missions, which each take a set amount of time and reward you with certain objects for beating them.

You select the area to visit, the Chocobo you want to go, and the character you want to join them. You then have to wait until that Expedition is over before you can send that pair off on another. When the Expedition ends, you get your rewards.

These include currency, resources, and XP for the character that you sent on the Expedition. The number of rewards you get depend on the Chocobo you send out, as each of them have their own stats and traits.

How do Chocobos Differ?

Chocobos arrive in many different colours in Ever Crisis, so that’s one key difference. Aside from that, each have their own stats and traits that are primarily designed for use within the Expeditions mini-game.

Stats can affect the following:

  • Gil Rate Up
  • Rare Drop Rate Up
  • Chocobo Medal Rate Up
  • XP Rate Up
  • Item Collection
  • Max. Items

Chocobos come in a variety of different rarities, with, presumably, the highest rarity offering the best statistical bonuses.

What Are The Expedition Rewards?

Well, take a glance at the list of Chocobo stats above, and you can take a guess at what you can get from Expeditions. If you just want the cold, hard, truth though, here’s a list:

  • Gil
  • Character XP
  • Rare items
  • Standard items

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