Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Recipes Guide – The Mysteries Of Materia Synthesis

Feature image for our Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis recipes guide. It shows a screenshot of the materia synthesis screen.

Wanting to delve into the world of materia synthesis but not really sure what’s involved? Well, look no further. Our Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis recipes guide explains a little about how to get the most out of your equipment.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is an RPG that combines the stories of all the mighty Final Fantasy VII series into one package, presented in a modernized version of the original game’s style. You’ll get cute little sprites on the map, and bigger, more detailed ones in battle.

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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Recipes Guide

Here we’ll try and answer your burning questions.

About Materia

Just like in the original Final Fantasy VII, Ever Crisis prominently uses material, the crystallized essence of the planet, which gives magical powers to the user. Handy!

In the original, finding materia tended to involve searching high and low for those elusive spells. In Ever Crisis, it’s a bit of a different process. You’ll need to synthesize materia by combining different items together in certain recipe combinations.

About Synthesis

You synthesize Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis materia by combining several ingredients together to a specific weapon for the spell.

Once it’s combined, you can run out and start using it on your enemies, right? Wrong. You’ll have to wait a while for your new spell to cook. In the example, the materia took about an hour and a half to be ready, but this varies between each recipe.

If you don’t want to hang around, there are ways to shorten the timer, you can use items called Bookmarks to knock an hour off, though we suspect these won’t be super easy to come by.

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