Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Summons Guide – What Do We Know So Far?

Feature image for our Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis summons guide. It shows the summon Ramuh shooting purple lightning from his staff.

Desperate to find out about the monsters waiting in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis? The kind who fight for you, rather than fighting you? You’re not the only one. We’ve rounded up what we can find about the upcoming mechanic here in our Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis summons guide.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is an RPG that combines the stories of all the mighty Final Fantasy VII series into one package, presented in a modernized version of the original game’s style. You’ll get cute little sprites on the map, and bigger, more detailed ones in battle.

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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Summons Guide

Summons are iconic magical abilities in the Final Fantasy series. Call them what you like, Summons, Espers, Guardians Forces, Eidolons, Aeons… you get the idea. Big, powerful entities that you can call to your aid when you’re in need.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is no exception, with summons confirmed to be part of the game’s mechanics, but aside from that Square Enix have kept the nature of summons fairly close to their chest.

What We Know

What we have found from official sources.

  • Ifrit, Ramuh, and Shiva all show up in-game, in one form or another.
  • Summons are acquired through ‘pacts’, and can be strengthened by completing ‘pact missions’ which appear to be trials related to the summons, and objectives to hit in-game.

What We Speculate

We can take a shot at what we might expect by looking at FFVII’s content, and give some idea of the summons you’re likely to run into, or at least what Square Enix might see fit to introduce along the line.


The hot-headed fire summon, this demonic-looking dude shows up in gameplay footage, starting some trouble for both Zack and Sephiroth.


Final Fantasy’s resident Ice Queen, Shiva is a confirmed summon shown in their official showcase video for the material system. This humanoid summon rains ice damage on foes.


Another face who appears to show up in the material video, Ramuh is an individual whose command over thunder is only overshadowed by his magnificent facial hair.


No word yet on this summon, Choco/Mog was a summon in the original game, and one of the earlier ones you could pick up. It might nit be as flashy as some of the later game summons, but it did let you drop an extremely overweight bird onto enemies’ heads, which had to be a truly horrifying experience for them.


A raging buff guy with tusks and earth powers, we haven’t seen any sign of Titan yet. He does seem like a natural choice to round out the elemental powers, though.


Riding in on his many-legged horse, Odin is one for non-elemental damage. Sadly for Odin, there is stiff competition in that department, though it doesn’t rule him out as a potential summon.


This imposing giant lizard is another non-elemental heavy hitter, and he comes in not one, but three flavours in the original title, each more terrifying than the last.


Like a bull at a gate, this cosmic cow did not one, but three elemental damage types in the original game. We can’t say if he’ll get an Ever Crisis outing, but the triple type sounds pretty handy.

Knights Of The Round

Okay, maybe this is just being silly. Knights Of The Round was the ultimate materia in Final Fantasy VII, only acquired through some fairly grueling chocobo farming. It could kill almost everything, so the balance might be a little off. We can dream, though.

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