Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud Reroll: How To Guide

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If you’re on a search for a Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud reroll guide, then you’ve arrived at your destination. This guide will teach you how to perform a reroll, getting the most out of your early game freebies. If you’re looking for a high-ranking character early on, then rerolling is definitely something you should do as soon as possible.

Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud Reroll Guide

1.    Go to summoning page

2.    Summon a character (pick one of the eight units)

3.    Unless you have an S tier character, log out of the account

4.    Sign in with a new account that’s not tethered to Neuron Cloud

5.    Summon a character

6.    If you still don’t have an S tier character, repeat the process

Important Things To Note About Rerolling

  • Before you reroll, make sure you redeem any pre-registrations rewards that you may have
  • After a successful S tier draw, bind your account so that you won’t lose your data
  • Perform the reroll as soon as possible to make the most out of having an S tier character at such an early stage of the game

What Is Rerolling?

In most gacha games, towards the beginning, you are granted one or two free draws from a character selection. Due to the difficult nature of unlocking characters in gacha games, this is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted, especially since you’re not limited on the tier of character you can get.

Because of this, you can find ways to re-roll the summon if you don’t get a character that is of high value. This process is normally repeated until you are satisfied with an S tier character.

What Are The Benefits Of A Reroll?

Rerolls are fantastic for picking up the pace of the game, as having a high-ranking character in such an early stage allows you to speed through the campaign.

It’s also great because you’ll be able to take that S tier character all the way through to endgame, making a long serving perk of rerolling. 

Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud is the next instalment in the Girls’ Frontline game series. The story revolves around you building a team of Dolls after Humankind has left them for dead in a post-apocalyptic nightmare. Thankfully you find salvation in Exile, and you continue your quest for an answer to the state of the world.

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For more information on Girls’ Frontline: Nerual Cloud, check out the official website.

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