GPO Race Buffs Guide – What Race Has The Best Bonus In Grand Piece Online?

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Want to know if your race needs a reroll in Grand Piece Online? Well, you’re in the right place! Our GPO race buffs guide covers what kind of bonuses you can expect from each race on the Grand Piece Online roster.

Grand Piece Online, or GPO is an experience on the Roblox platform. It’s a One Piece-inspired action game where you go out and fight enemies and bosses in a wide world of different islands and quests.

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GPO Race Buffs Guide

Here we’ll cover each of the races you can roll to play as in Grand Piece Online, and explain their buffs in brief, as well as cover any other burning questions you might have.

About Races

Races are different playable species within Grand Piece Online. When you start the game you’ll roll your character randomly as one of the races, some are rarer than others! If you don’t like what you got, you can re-roll your race from the customization menu. You’ll need roll credits to do so though, which you can get with either Robux or freebie codes.

The Races And Their Stat Buffs

Here we go over each of the races available.


  • 74% Chance to roll
  • Default stats, no advantages or disadvantages. Shape your own destiny!


  • 15% Chance to roll.
  • Skypian characters resemble humans with wings on their back.
  • Skypian take 50% of the fall damage of other races.
  • Skypians can learn the Glide skill.


  • 5% Chance to roll.
  • Fishman characters resemble humans with aquatic features, like fins.
  • Fishman characters have a faster swim speed and drown a lot slower than other races.
  • Fishmen can learn Fishman Karate from Jin on Fishman Island.


  • 5% Chance to roll.
  • Mink characters resemble humans with animal ears and tails.
  • Mink characters have a stamina buff.
  • Minks can learn the Mink Combat Style from Sharon on Zou Island.


  • 1% Chance to roll.
  • Cyborg characters looks like humans with robotic augments on their bodies.
  • A choice of stats buffs earned through Factory quests.
  • Access to the Cyborg Fighting style from AE10.

About Grand Piece Online

Grand Piece Online, or GPO is a Roblox game inspired by the hit anime and manga One Piece. You drop into an open world as one of a range of different races, and do quests to level up your skills. There were different weapons, skills, and fighting styles to unlock.

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