GPO Vampire Race Guide

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Feeling a certain thirst? Like late nights? Think wings would look good on you? Well you’re in luck. The Vampire is one of GPO’s newest player races and lets you sprout spooky wings and bend the red stuff to your will. Our GPO Vampire race guide goes over what you need to know about this new race and exactly what it can do.

Grand Piece Online, or GPO is a Roblox game that drops you into the world of the anime and manga giant One Piece. Take on quests, level your character, and set sail onto dangerous seas in a world where all kinds of things are possible.

You can grab Grand Piece Online on Roblox.

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GPO Vampire Race Guide

Here we’ve split this into sections, one on the race and how to get it, another on acquiring the Vampire’s distinctive fighting style, and a third on what the style can do.

The Vampire Race

The Vampire race is a species identified by the bat wings sprouting out of their back.

In addition to the cosmetic differences, and the Vampire fighting style, Vampires have a Blood Bar that fills when you damage enemies.

You can get the Vampire race through the race rerolls, with any reroll having a 1% chance of making your character a Dullahan. This leaves them tied for the rarest race in GPO.

Getting The Vampire Fighting Style

Want to get the most out of your new status as one of the children of the night? You’ll need the vampire fighting style moves. Fortunately, a certain NPC will be more than happy to train you up.

The Vampire fighting style moves are acquired by doing the following:

  • Make your way to Thriller Bark Island.
  • Speak to the NPC Blood Queen beside a crypt entrance on the South side of the island.
  • If you aren’t a Vampire, she won’t trade with you.
  • Pay her in Peli to learn new moves.

Vampire Fighting Style

Through trading for new moves with the Blood Queen, you can unlock the following moves for your Vampire.

  • Vampire Bite – Grab attack, damages opponent, and heals you. 15–second cooldown.
  • Blood Dash – Damaging charge attack. 7-second cooldown.
  • Blood Chain – Grab attack pulls the target toward the user, then strikes for large damage then throws the opponent. 25-second cooldown.
  • Blood Aura – Consumed blood from the Blood Bar to give your hits lifesteal ability.
  • Blood Dragon – Summons several dragon-shaped projectiles to hit the target. Throws the opponent backwards.

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