Haze Piece Bosses – Listed With Locations

Haze Piece bosses

Looking for a complete list of Haze Piece bosses? Well, you’re in the right place. In this guide, I’m going to round up all of the bosses that you can encounter in this Roblox RPG. I’ll also include locations, so you can find them easily, and I’ll update this guide whenever a new boss drops so you can bookmark it and check back often. Consider it your ultimate resource for Haze Piece bosses.

Haze Piece is a Roblox RPG that draws inspiration from the hit anime series One Piece. You create a character, spawn into a world, and grab yourself a sword. Then, it’s a case of battling enemies to level up, finding a fruit that will provide you with unique rewards, and becoming a powerful fighter.

You can check out Haze Piece via Roblox on Google Play. We’ve also got a Haze Piece sword tier list, Haze Piece accessories list, and Haze Piece drops guide.

Haze Piece Bosses

Now, let’s take a look at the Haze Piece bosses you can encounter.


The first boss you encounter is the Bandit on Starter Island. Beat it for the Eyepatch accessory.

  • Location: Starter Island


Next up is the Clown, which is, surprise surprise, on Clown Island. You can beat it for the Clown Nose accessory.

  • Location: Clown Island


Krieg is the third boss you will encounter, and he rewards you with the Gold Pauldrons if you beat him. You can find Krieg at the Sea Restaurant.

  • Location: Sea Restaurant


Tashii lives in Logue City, and drops the Glasses accessory for those lucky enough to get it.

  • Location: Logue City

King Gorilla

King Gorilla is the fifth boss, and you can find them in Tall Woods. Beat them for the Monkey Crown, which boosts your health.

  • Location: Tall Woods

Marine Captain

Next up we have the Marine Captain, which, rather unsurprisingly, lives in the Marine Base Town. Battle them for the Iron Jaw accessory.

  • Location: Marine Base Town


Want the Oversized Helmet? Then you’re going to need to fight the Minotaur boss. This one lives at The Three Islands.

  • Location: The Three Islands

Ice Admiral

Beat this boss to get the Sleeping Mask, which grants a considerable health boost. You can find them at Marine HQ.

  • Location: Marine HQ

Thunder God

Venture out to Sky Island to battle the Thunder God, earning the very cool-looking Thunder Drums if you’re lucky. These massively boost your HP and fruit damage.

  • Location: Sky Island


The Warden of Impel Jail is the next boss you will face, providing the Warden Hat to those lucky enough to get it as a drop.

  • Location: Impel Jail


On Fishman Island, Neptune dwells. Defeat this god to get yourself the Neptune Crown, which grants a HP boost and water immunity.

  • Location: Fishman Island


The Blue Scarf is a pretty fab accessory that boosts your Sword Damage, HP, and Stamina. Get it as a drop from Ryummy on Thriller Island.

  • Location: Thriller Island

Haze Piece Super Bosses

Now we get into Super Boss territory. These are the most powerful bosses in the game, and grant you the best accessories.

Dual Swordsman

The Dual Swordsman lives in Logue City, and provides a bunch of drops, including the Book and Green Bandana.

  • Location: Logue City


The Mace boss is named after their unique weapon, which you get with a 100% chance by defeating it. You also get the Coded Mask accessory. Tackle this boss in the Marine Base Town.

  • Location: Marine Base Town

Tremor Girl

In Marine HQ, you can battle Tremor Girl to get the Bisento V2 and White Orb items.

  • Location: Marine HQ

Fire Fist

Next up is Fire Fist, which has a complicated spawn process. Pull it off though, and you can get the Flame Fruit and Pearlk Necklace.

  • Location: Tall Woods


Lastly, we have the SeaBeast, the most powerful boss currently available in Haze Piece. Tackle it to get the SeaBeast Core and SeaBeast Hammer.

  • Location: Pillars

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